Extraordinary Kingdom Ambassador – Part 2

dr uma ukpaiMen and brethren, when you go to your village to present Christ, it is the power of Heaven that shall be trailing behind you and whatever you say shall come to pass. You will speak against demonic forces and they shall obey. You may see yourself as nobody but God sees you as somebody.

I didn’t know I will ever preach in Bangladesh; a man asks the sister to arrange a ticket that will fly me to the country to preach. When members of the Assemblies of God heard I was coming, they called me and said Uma, change your passport, if your passport reads Reverend, remove the passport, when they know you are a Christian, they will not give you entering visa to Bangladesh. I went to God and He said to me Uma I rule everywhere. I asked God what will I do; He said I should buy a cloth called ‘Babariga’ the attire worn by our northern brothers. I told God we are talking about entering visa, you are talking about babariga.

God told me that His foolishness is more than my wisdom. I went and bought an expensive one. I did not the meaning, I did not know the purpose until I got to Dubai, every Moslem that saw me will say ‘Barka De Salah Sheikh’ I told God I can’t speak their language beside how did I become a Sheikh without preparation because now they will soon know I am not a Muslim. God said when you get to Bangladesh I will teach you. I told him that the time was too short for such lessons but God said I should worry less. As soon as I got to the airport, God said to me when they greet you Barka De Salah Sheikh’ just speak in tongues. And He will take over from there.

Our problem in life is the ignorance of His ability and His availability and His limitless boundless possibilities. We serve an awesome God. Some came to me and said your eminence a man like you is not allowed to carry his briefcase and suitcases; we shall carry them for you. When the next group saw me and said Barka De Salah Sheikh’ I spoke in tongues and God translated the language to what they understood and we moved on. Jesus mother said to the wedding planners, ‘whatever he asks you to do, do it. The immigration Officers ask me how long I want to stay because for a man like me they are not permitted to tell me how long I will stay. The program I was going for was meant for four days but I want to stay one month, they stamp my passport for one month entry visa. As they were escorting me carrying my suitcase and briefcases, the people who invited me started crying that they warned me before coming and now I have been arrested. I told them all this people are the ones who are arrested by the HolySpirit.

Let the world say what they like about you; it does not matter anymore you have been chosen. My problem is that so many of us have refused to know who we are in Christ Jesus.

A village Chief threatened to kill me if I come to hold a crusade in their village; I drove to the village and went to see him. He asks who I am. I told him I am Uma. He screamed you are the Uma. I said I am; only you don’t know how to kill people why did you announce it because everybody has now heard a plot and a plan to kill me. If you don’t want to die with me follow me to the crusade ground and seat next to me. So that if anything happens to me they will know you played no part. He said I am a dangerous man. He dressed up and went with me and was there until the whole program was finished.

He who is behind you is greater than all your enemies put together. There is no cage that shall hold you. You will soon discover in Joshua 14:25 that God can turn a small boy into a great man but you have choice. You must live a life that will compel God to bless you and compel Him to teach you what to do to succeed in life. God said in Job 36:11, he said if you obey me and serve me, I will make your everyday a prosperous day. I will make your years, years of pleasure: everyday will become like a messenger from God to you. And that messenger shall bring evidences of prosperity into your life. I declare that this year shall not be an ordinary year anymore; by the anointing of God upon you great things shall happen.

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 Dr Uma Ukpai