Ignorance Is Costly

Beloved, are you one of those who have worry warts? You doubt if God is able to stand by His promise. It is time to doubt your doubt because God can never leave you nor forsake you’. Believe Him and save your health, your marriage and your future.

dr uma ukpaiAt times Satan and doubt can make us get confused about the things of God and His person. When Jesus told the paralytic his sins were forgiven, the Jewish leaders accused Him of blasphemy-claiming to be God or to do what only God can do. They were displaying their ignorance of who Jesus was-the Son of God, with power to do the impossible

Deuteronomy 8:18 ‘And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth’. The greatest lie the devil has ever told man is the falsehood that poverty is holy and wealth is a curse

My husband would always say that many Christians suffer and do no exploits because they do not know the ability and availability of our God. A man who is ignorant cannot think and he cannot help anybody, he can only create greater confusion

A pastor’s wife came to me weeping profusely. I discovered they had been in a particular city for ten years ministering but had nothing to show for it. God used the pastor to quite alright to minister to the needy, healing the sick and helping them to have great breakthrough but converts never lasted in the church. In addition other pastors detested him.As we chattered I found out they were in the wrong city. When God called this pastor He had told him specifically where he wanted him to work. He had provoked famine in the family by following feelings and incidences without consulting God. I made them know they have to obey God only then will He show Himself strong on their behalf. Right where you; are you suffering despite your efforts, then inquire of the Lord. He is ever willing to set us on the right path.

First and foremost you must submit yourself to God. This means placing your life completely under God’s control letting Jesus to be your Saviour and Lord. Without God who is our refuge and stronghold the devil will make mincemeat of any man he meets.

We must purposefully resist the devil. We take a cue from our friend and Saviour Jesus. He did not use human arguments but the Word of God-it is written we must have the right Word of God at our finger tips to haul them at Satan whenever he comes against us. We are already advised to study to show ourselves approved unto God and workman that need to not be ashamed rightly dividing the Word of truth. The devil is not afraid of us but he has no defence against the clear statement of the inspired scriptures. James third instruction is draw near to God. You and I must spend time with Him in personal prayer, praise, worship and meditation on His Word. This is a daily affair.

The fourth command is; cleanse and purify yourself. We must confess any known sin, putting right any wrongs. Achan’s sins left the Israelites open to the onslaught of the people Ai, a small community that could not have faced Israel but for sin. To keep our self-clean we must stay off smutty jokes and suggestive stories. Avoid TV programs that pollute our spirit and grieve the Holy Spirit of God. Joseph ran from sin and God honour him. He will do the same for us. I declare; in the name that is above every other name, In the name of Jesus that ignorance will not make you live and die like chicken.

Pastor Mrs P. Uma

Declaration is powerful; therefore if you trust God to reveal His fullness to you, post “I doubt my doubt” in the comment section and let the enemy know you are not giving up

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