Principles of the Miraculous -Part Two

Pastor Ayo OritsejaforThe devil is not worth your tears; in the name that is above every other name. In the name of Jesus I challenge what has challenged you.

How do you say wine is finished in a wedding? It is a serious problem. The young couple were confused and running up and down not knowing what to do. Their enemies may have been mocking them saying “na so, see the money they used in hiring limousine; look at the kind of expensive gown the woman is wearing, let them cry; they don’t deserve good thing” There was sorrow between husband and wife. Ladies and Gentlemen, there are people who are plotting your downfall; nothing you do satisfy them. 

What is it that is paining you right now? I met a man, whose only son that was about to graduate from medical school died, it almost destroyed him. There are people reading this article, you are wondering ‘why is my life like this? People you helped yesterday are the ones trying to destroy you now. They said you should do check-up; as you are doing the check up, you got news there is cancer.

I have told you my story before; my father died when he was 34 years old; his brother that looks like him died when he was 34. When I turned 34, I can’t explain it, something mysterious happened and I became sick. The doctors could not explain it and for 6 months I could not preach. One night on my bed, I heard a voice that said, I will kill you as I killed your father. These things are real when people start proving theology, I tell them to sit down because mine is practical because there are some practical things I have seen and marvelled outside theology.

Therefore when I heard the voice, I jumped out of my bed and battle all night in prayers. In the morning I gathered all the money in my house and took it to the place I was pastoring and kept it at alter as a vow to God. I lay on the alter and said to God if there is anyone that had permission to kill me; it should be you. I waited patiently for God to kill me but He did not, so I left. Three weeks later my doctor asked me where did you go to, I told him to the alter. And he said to me wherever you went to; it worked. The doctor was not able to explain the miracle that happened in my life. The time I was sick, people concluded that it was his sin that brought the sickness, everybody had their own interpretation. Those who want to borrow my life were interpreting my life while I found no interpretation.

Look, where you have shame; God will remove your shame; He will give you prestige; you will rise above your equals. Jesus gave a divine instruction that was not a suggestion, discussion or even an opinion. When there is obedience to instruction, you attract to yourself divine intervention. Isaiah 1:18. God cannot lie, there will always be manifestation. The greatest hindrance to the miracle you are looking for is disobedience. I declare that your family is in for a surprise; a star in you is about to shine forth. In 2013, every door closed will be open to you. In 2013, every road that you didn’t know; God will make it plain for you. You will leap over a wall. You will run through a troupe. God will remove tears and give you laughter.

Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor

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