The 12 Disciples of Achievers By Dr Uma Ukpai

achievers by dr uma ukpai

The 12 Disciples of Achievers by Dr Uma Ukpai

achievers by dr uma ukpai

Number One: You must sow into your future because life begins with a seed

Number Two: Your tongue can shape your destiny

Number Three: You are on a mission to accomplish divine intention

Number Four: Your focus determines your locus

Number Five: Your position determines your situation

Number Six: Pray through to breakthrough

Number Seven: A man driven by his own personal persecution into the destiny of God cannot be stopped

Number Eight: You must have a sensation, dogged belief, a promise that the best is yet to come.

Number Nine: I can’t die yet because something is about to happen.

Number Ten: It does not matter where you start, what matters is where you finish

Number Eleven: It is the thing that we don’t talk about that is killing us including sin

Number Twelve: It is time for you to go and take back what the devil had stolen from you. But don’t stop there, take back what he stole from your parents and family

Dr Uma Ukpai

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