Fire From Heaven By Archbishop Benson Idahosa- Part Two

benson idahosa photoPeople are wondering is God still there or has he bowed out? The reason the church is being threatened night and day is that in the church there is no more signs and wonders. It is time believers stop carrying the bible painfully, we must carry it prayerfully. Today, do wonders, tomorrow do signs. Don’t carry the bible as a heavy load; carry it as a burden discharger. There is power in the word of God, I believe in all night prayer but I don’t believe in all-noise. We must move from noise night to prayer night. The time you spent preaching people, if you preach the bible, you will see signs and wonders. Blackmail less and preach more.

 Men and brethren, When Pharaoh is at your back and the red sea is in your front, go forward.When the situation is too tough, don’t go back, go forward; you die quicker when you go back but die later when you go forward. The battle was over before the pursuit started. May Pharaoh never pursue you when there is no red sea because that will be the last time he will pursue you. The day the devil will know you are no more afraid he will no more pursue you. Be yourself before you are anybody else and stop the game of imitating people because you can never be like them. Don’t let any red sea stop your plan in life; no matter how red they are, put the rod before it. Use what is in your hand that the world may fear you. Those who say if I perish I perish, never perish. I have seen with my two eyes the dead raised 14 times, lepers cleansed many times, the deaf hears many times, but the greatest miracle I had personally received was the miracle of contentment. As this world grows older, only those who believe in the living God will see a living miracle.

Sometimes mid sea, the wave of life will want to shake our confidence; but if the enemy can distract you, he can destroy you. Egypt may give you meals but it will not give you God and God can give you meals. Jesus is the only Prime Minister in the whole world who can walk on top of our troubled waters. What Jesus is not able to do, no man can help. The wind is heavy now but the master is not far away. Take your eyes off the turbulence and look who is working towards you. I prefer to show you I’m a bigger not a beggar. I prefer you think I’m rich than to show you I’m poor.

God is looking for losers of the bounds, healers of the sick, joy-makers, I used to have friends who have 6 0 clock face, every day they have same face. They are professional in frowning. You will go to heaven earlier when you are not smiling. Exodus 4: 10-17. The bible is meant for wonders, are you not tired of wondering. God can blind your enemy so that you can get to where he sent you. I discovered over 200 places in the bible it seems the devil is incharge but suddenly God will show up. You must know how not to humiliate yourself in the hands of the devil. You must learn how not to accept any suggestion of destruction that the devil put in your heart.

With the stone in your hand and the word in your mouth and the faith in your heart, your Goliath will go down. Every giant will fall. Don’t hold the bible without doing something with it. Don’t be a believer without evidence of the power of God. When you have the rod in your hand; with the red sea, you just say part; when poverty comes, you just say you have God that provide all my need; when sickness comes, you shall declare he is the lord that healeth thee; when you thirst, God shall quench your thirst; In fear, God is your boldness; In sorrow, the lord shall be your joy.

It is time to use your bible and declare you are healed, divine health is better than divine healing. God is training and raising an army that the devil will fear. Devil will not fear you when you are on the wheelchair; he will not fear you when are lying in the hospital; he will not fear you when you are in the garbage heap eating with swines, and God will not get any glory from you in the gutter. There is no man or woman that God told to go over that can go under. He, the devil never attacks those who stands still, he attacks those going forward.

I extend my hands to your hands, wherever you are; may the same hand that lifted Jesus from the grave, brought him to life to die no more be upon you from today. From the crown of your head to the sole of your feet, let every chase of sin be forgiven and every disease be healed. With your hands, signs and wonders shall be done and the name of the Lord shall be glorified. You are a blessing and not a curse. I pronounce the word of God upon you. May God turn your scar to star. It is time for the devil to know you by your name. It is time for the powers of wickedness to know who the saints are. May God himself, give you peace, by Himself, always, by all means.

Papa Benson Idahosa

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*This message was curlled from his video “Fire from Heaven”