Fire From Heaven By Archbishop Benson Idahosa

What you need to succeed is already there, just lean on God. For your faith’s sake, GOD can disappoint the devil”–Archbishop Benson Idahosa

 To be in a church with life is living. Sometimes Pastors like Moses are not so common. Pastors like Joshua, who can say to the Sun stand there until I finished my message are not common. Pastors who believed in miracles are what the church need today. When you read about Jesus, you are hearing his word, when you read the bible. The words that came out of Jesus were words of encouragement. He met a woman that was caught in the act of adultery, Jesus did not catch her, men caught her and brought her to him; men had stones but Jesus had mercy. It is easy to show sinners how they have sinned; God is not looking for sin-pointers,

God is looking for sin-forgivers. John the Baptist declared Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. I showed you your sin but Jesus takes it away. Men and brethren, whom will you follow if you were made to choose? A sin-shower or a sin-taker? Jesus showed the way out of darkness, he does not put people in darkness. He sees the worst sinner; he helped him out of sin. When Jesus was told his friend Lazarus was sick, he stayed until four days and then told his disciples lets go and wake him up.

No Pastors talk like that today- Pastors sends condolence card while Jesus wakes the dead up. The disciples said if he is sleeping there is no need to trouble him let him rest in peace. Jesus said in your language it means he is dead, let us go and wake him up. When he got to the gate of the city there came Martha, In my understanding, she was saying, I gave you water and food, sent people to tell you my brother was sick but you never came, now he is stinking, if you had been here, my brother would not have died. Jesus asked the most astonishing question that is missing in the church today; where did you bury him? John 11:1-45. The question is where you buried him and not where I should bury him. Jesus will give you a question to challenge your faith to see how you will answer. When he commanded the grave to be taken away instead of him looking at the grave, he looked up and thank God. How can someone be in the grave and you are thanking God for hearing you already?

When there is no miracle, there is no Jesus. Lazarus was rotten but Jesus said I specialize in rotten situation. No matter how rotten your situation is, in business, in marriage, in your home, in health, in education-there is a raiser of the rotten situation. In history and science, Lazarus cannot come out bound in legs and hands. If you are dead, your hands tied, your feet tied, you cannot come forth unless somebody will bring you forth except a power beyond mans understanding is in operation. Come forth is come force, a response to the power beyond the power beneath the grave.

Lazarus was decomposed, smelling and rotten according to the bible, how can he come forth? Because the man whom you cannot ask questions is the one who told him to come out. No pit is too deep that Gods hand is not beneath. No high is most high to catch up with the Most High God. It is not enough to get out of the grave, you better be loosed and go. If you come out of the grave, that is step one. Step two, be loose to go. Don’t come out of the grave and behave gravy. Don’t act like a man that is still in the grave. Tell all who tied your faith down to loose you and let you go. One miracle will discomfort all your enemies. If you preach signs and wonders, you don’t steal converts, you make converts. If man blackmails you; God will whitemail you. Every good and perfect gift comes from above not from abroad. To be contd.

 Archbishop Benson Idahosa

(Archbishop B. Idahosa was the founder of the Church of God Mission International with headquarters in Benin City, Nigeria )

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 *This message was curlled from his video “Fire from Heaven”