Dr Uma Ukpai – An Encounter with God Part 2

dr. uma ukpai

Todays teaching by Dr Um aUkpai

dr. uma ukpaiI grew up in the village. There, a man who can feed his family and pay the school fees of his children is a king and a child who could eat three square meals in those days was a child from a good home. So, I would say that I grew up just like a normal child; my needs were met as I was made to eat three times a day and to change my clothes and go to school at a very tender age of four. It was a wonderful life. It was when I came to the major towns that I saw bigger houses than ours in the village and it was then that I knew the we were not as rich as those living in there.When I went to America, I discovered that there were many Americans who were richer than most of our big men in Nigeria. So, I will say that I grew up happily and it was when my father died that there was a sort of setback, yet I was able to cope and go to school. I have a certificate in Aeronautic Engineering Practice, a diploma in Journalism and I hold a degree in Theology and Divinity. If you read journalism and the sciences, I think you are informed enough to function as a man. In my encounter with God, 

I have see very many people who feels God’s presence only when they kneel down to pray but I feel His presence even when I am lying down and when I am walking and sometimes I hear myself talk to Him even when I am not in a prayer mood but maybe while sitting down, driving or doing other things. He is real to me and that is why we can communicate. God has said to me long ago that He would give me 100 angels wherever I went to. People who know me will attest to the fact that I travel at night. I am a night traveller and my relations are afraid that harm may come my way but I have always said to them that I have God’s promises that He would protect me day and night and therefore no harm shall come to me. God has also said to me that He would provide my needs and as a result I have never lacked anything. My wife has never asked whether I have money or not. She always would tell me whatever she needed and would ask for the money. I have seen God supply money supernaturally to me which may be difficult for others to understand. I have seen Jesus physically eight times. Twice, He came to my bedroom in the presence of my wife but when you share these testimonies, you confuse many and you make others doubt your honesty and sincerity but these things are true. So, I have seen Him in various ways and I have learnt to trust Him and trust Him absolutely. My calling by God was not to start a Church; I was called to hold programmes and remind churches of their need to reach out and bring in new people into the kingdom. I am more of a whistle-blower or a town-crier, one that reminds Churches of their need to be evangelistic. Therefore, I am called by God to bring churches together and go with them to declare their own areas, a sort of a mission field and help them harness their resources for evangelistic expression.

If I establish a church, it means that I will be competing with them and if I continue to compete with them, we cannot have mass evangelism any more. Presently, they can trust me and even in some places, we were able to mobilize 300 churches to work with us. If I begin to compete with them in establishing churches, they will not trust me or give me enough cooperation again and such a development will hinder my primary calling which is to encourage churches to reach out to the unbelievers and lead them to Christ. The good thing about my type of ministry is that nobody wants to know how good your dress is. They want to know how anointed you are. When I came back from school in America, my wife said to me, hide those certificates, nobody wants to know how educated you are. They want to know how many people have been healed and delivered and set free from bondage by the anointing of God deposited in you. A man who does not know where God met him can not be a great man because every encounter we have with God is the certificate of your beginning. If any man of God was called by God into politics, let such a man go in there but if God has not called any man of God into politics, let the man step back and do other things. There are many ways to help government build the nation other than through politics.

I wish to be remembered as someone who is not tribalistic. One man that loves everybody and his God; One man that cared for nothing but the work of God and the people of God. My only dream is that the people of God should remain steadfast, dedicated and committed. I want to be remembered as a man who love God and who lived a life of integrity, a life of honesty, a life of prosperity, a life of wisdom and a life of creativity and imagination. I want to be remembered as one that discovered God and lived by His standards and principles and a man that regarded everybody as his brothers and sisters irrespective of land of birth. That is how I want to be remembered. Do you have an encounter with this great God?

Dr Uma Ukpai

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