Unlocking the Power of Abundance

Uma ukpai on Abundance

People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care about them’. It is said that the eyes are better hearers than the ears. However, we discover that if we offer nothing to God, He will have nothing to use. But He can take what little we have and turn it into something great. The day Peter offered Jesus his boat as a platform to preach was not the best of days for a fisherman. Peter had laboured all night without a catch but Jesus rewarded Peter with a boat full of fish. His blessings went beyond that, from then Peter was called to become the follower of Jesus. He was privileged to become a bosom friend of the Master and an outstanding leader of the disciples. Giving even at a time of lack can bring a turnaround in our destiny. Would Peter have become a disciple if he was so overwhelmed with self-pity to respond to Jesus’ request? Who knows! Luke 5: 2-9

Uma ukpai on AbundanceJonah’s disobedience put him in the whale’s belly for three days until he had to cry to the Lord. Jonah did go to Nineveh and preach, bringing repentance to the city. Our selfishness and lack of love for others can prevent us from obeying God. As you sow seed into someone’s life today, 2013 shall bring destiny helpers your way; people not chosen by you, but sent by God to help you arrive at your destiny in life. Therefore, look for someone as if you are looking for a lost coin today to bless.

Dorcas loved the brethren and gave her time and skill for the upkeep of fellow women. When she died, these same women sat until Peter prayed her back to life. You either love and prosper or hate and reap what you have sown. Acts 9: 38-40

I believe the Lord is moved not so much by the gift we give Him or others but by the spirit in which it is given. When our gift pleases Him only then can He give us much more than we have given. Psalm 68:19. The woman of Zerephath could have died ‘incognita’ but God chose her to feed the prophet. She already had a problem feeding her son but when she willingly feed the prophet of God the story of her life changed. The small cruse of oil multiplied so much so that ‘madam’ became a distributor and supplier of oil. 2 Kings 4

Without doubt many families in Bethany heard of Jesus but it was only that of Lazarus that we are told took care of Him each time he went that way. A day came when Jesus had to bless them for their generosity. Lazarus got sick and died and was buried. Four days after Jesus gave this family the greatest of all miracles. Decayed Lazarus became recomposed and walked out of the grave. As you obey divine instructions of giving, your decomposed Lazarus shall be turn to a recomposed Lazarus.

Today, share your love, support and encouragement. Invest life in others; see their potentials and together we will shine for His kingdom. A sister testified of how God asked her to give out her salary each month for six months. This was tough on her, knowing how things are in Nigeria these days. She had to deny herself of some things she needed. Her children could not understand why she obeyed so willingly when she knows their school fees had to be paid. A time came she even had to borrow to take care of certain needs. But at the end of the ‘trial’ God came down from heaven on her behalf. She received a surprise gift of N6,000,000. This is a thousand times more than what she would have been paid for the six months.

One way of bringing great breakthrough into our life is to sow into the work of breakthrough. Plan to have a better 2013 in whatever area you did not excel. God gave me great surprises last year. Our last son had problem with his physics and chemistry. God prompted me to sow into the academics of children. Our son did not have any mark lower than C6! He excelled and passed all his subjects.

You have the power to intentionally trigger your breakthrough because the year 2013 shall be the year of your record breaking.

Pastor Mrs P Uma


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