Dare To Dream

dare to dream

dare to dreamGreat men are ordinary people but with extra amount of determination. Do you know that it is in the quiet crucible of your personal private sufferings that your noblest dreams are born and God’s greatest gifts are given as compensation of what you’ve been through? Therefore, it is impossible to stimulate your life to greater achievement without dreams.A man without a dream or vision is a man without a future. He is a dead man moving. Why you may ask? Dreams and visions give us a purpose and a kind of divine direction to success and breakthroughs in life.

Most of the time, we seem to believe that our first dream carries no substance, sees no result, reaches no goal and achieves nothing. We then remain on the mount or valley and become satisfied in a place of indecision and confusion. It could be a valley of blaming others for our woes or resigning oneself and accepting stagnation in your life. Dreams carry some ingredients of destiny. When it seems your dream is no longer valid, does not carry divine weight any more, when your friends and enemies think your dream is outdated, I challenge you to permit yourself to dream again irrespective of the circumstances that surround you and the opposing voices you hear.

The world is ruled by men and women with divine Ideas; people who changed their destiny, quenched the violence of fire, and escaped the edge of the sword. People, whom out of weakness were made strong by being valiant in battle. Hear me; the only man who is a great man is the man who has fulfilled the purpose of his creation which has roots from dreams. It is a fact that for your dream to make impact, it must be challenged, mocked, rejected, laughed at, and crucified but stay in your dream. You need a belief system that refuses to give up irrespective of the governing situation around you.

Every event is invented. Things don’t just happen, dreamers make them happen. Every dream is tested, pruned, passed through fire and waters, criticized and analysed. If you are afraid of criticism, then I have a prescription “say nothing, do nothing and become nothing

Dare to stimulate your dream because dreams give superior sense which gives superior results. Time and time again we have seen that opportunities are well situated in dreams, the reason is because dreams can be created.  What is in your belief system? For what you are today is a conclusive decision of what you thought about yourself yesterday, and what you will become tomorrow begins from your state of dreams today.

You cannot afford to fail your generation. You are not a failure,  you were not born a failure, that you struggled past the thousands of sperm in the womb tells us that you have what it takes to win in the battle of life, but the problem is that you now think like a failure. You have been designed for achievement, engineered for success and endowed with the seed of greatness. You will swing in the pendulum of champions when the time of your manifestations comes. Those who fear change never take charge. You have a choice to enter into the positive side of destiny, the realm of creativity and in the world of dignity. You are lifted.