Speak Out


As I take time to admire this beautiful day even as this week is gradually turning into a week of purpose and a week with a difference; I am motivated to share with you what I mean when I say “speak out”.motivation

I was amazed while in Scotland over the summer as I watched how the British media can make you like a program, sports or event that is honestly boring. It makes one realise not just the power of words but the results speaking with conviction can have on others and bring them to your side. It dawned on me and in one moment I realised the truth in the saying “A man shall eat good by the fruits of his mouth” That means, what you say is what you see.

Opening your mouth to speak forth opens opportunities, and opportunities bring blessings and promotion. Therefore, I conclude that unless you speak out, your future will not be open. Your declarations will determine your life position. Our problem is that we attempt and focus on only what we can do for ourselves and not what God can do, thereby limiting the unlimited. Humility is not in keeping quiet when you needed to speak out. Speaking out can help you to graduate from the school of frustration into the abundance of life. Unless we learn to state clearly and passionately, we shall not be established neither shall we see manifestations. The confidence in the word you speak can release power to conquer every Goliath on your way. It is on record that great men and women of history like Moses conquered thier enemies and circumstances by the released word from their mouth.

Speaking out can either bring blessings, miracles or curses. You cannot have faith that moves mountain without it because your spoken word is the catalyst of Faith. Your mouth also brings wisdom. Dear, you will only live by the word that comes out of the mouth of God and the mouth of god (you). What are the promises of God for you? It is time to announce to yourself as you look at your early morning mirror that your time has come for your mouth to be wider and your voice to be heard. The parable of the prodigal son taught me a lesson. The older brother never knew he had so much to gain by remaining loyal. But he was too quiet, suffering in silence in the midst of abundance. He thought by not opening his mouth to ask that the father will no longer trust him. Alas, he was wrong. Where you are now is not the final full stop of dreams and aspirations. If Jesus could obtain His great name by birth, inheritance and achievements as told us from the scriptures, we too could become candidates of greatness.

You can speak out light from darkness, prosperity from poverty, pleasure from pains, good health from sickness, benefit from blunders, a message from a mess, and righteousness from sin. We are in a kingdom of choices and not chances. Free yourself and speak out. This is an opportunity.