Dr Uma Ukpai -Before Getting Married Part 1

uma ukpai

Todays teaching by Dr Uma Ukpai

“I will spend time once every week to show you the mechanics and the dynamics and the kingdom nuggets by revelation and testimonies of the secret of being happy and staying happy while single before getting married. Men and brethren, marriage is a besieged city, those inside wants to jump out and those outside wants to jump in. I have expanded earlier on the intents and the contents of SECRET OF HAPPY MARRIAGE because anyone who is not happy while single cannot be happy when married.

We shall look at the arithmetic of romance and how you can serve God while single and happily doing so until you find your Prince or Princess. The scripture says he that finds a wife, finds a good thing. And obtains favour from the lord. Prov 18:22. Which means to be married is transference of anointing of favour from one level to another. This time from being single to marriage level, blessing both parties. Some questions that needs to be answered includes but not limited to; Why do people live in debt after marriage? Why do Christians borrow to marry and live in debt after? Do you need to be comfortable in life before you get married? Or do we need to be stupidly poor, so that God can favour us after we get married? First, Let us look at the definition of finding. To find is in the same context with seek in Mathew 7:7. Therefore, to find is to come upon sometimes by accident, to come upon or discover by searching or making effort. To find is also to discover or ascertain through observation, experience or study.

To find can also be to perceive to be, after consideration. To find is to regain, recover to succeed in reaching, to obtain, to acquire by effort, to decide on and make declaration about. To find can also be to bring oneself to an awareness of what one truly wishes to be, to have and do in life. To find is also to perceive oneself to be in a specific place or condition through the direction of the HolySpirit.

As a young person, who is in love with a girl or a boy; you dream beautiful dreams but be prepared that after the wedding you will know that love is blind, but marriage is an eye opener. There are things you must put in place. Anybody who dreamt of a marriage and got married and found that the wife will not obey his command and got disappointed because she did not obey his command is a sick man. It amazes me when people ask us to pray for them that God will give them a man or woman who is like them. Boy oh boy, marriage is a union of two opposites. A man that says stand up and a woman that says why must we stand up; a man who likes garri and a woman who likes rice; a man who likes clothes and a woman who has no interest in clothes. It is this mixture of two opposites that will give marriage, life and progress. Are you getting married because of your family’s pressure? Is it because you want to prove a point to your friends or enemies that you can be married?” To be continued..

Dr Uma Ukpai

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