Wednesday Encounter with Dr Uma Ukpai- TGIW September 16th 2015

Today we honour a daughter of this house and celebrate the birth of her twins after over 20 years. Your own miracle is cooked, prepared and ready to happen. Therefore, any woman with fibroids here, as you read those fibroids will shrink

The bigger your problem the louder your testimony will be but if you are willing to pay the price whatever God has done with me He will do with you

The greatest gift God can give you is the hunger to know God more.

Job 42:10-12. There are so many of us who specialises in seeking sympathy. Your problem is not your problem, your problem is the way you handle your problem

When you forget your own problems and pray for others and do things for others, your own miracle will come… And Job prayed for his friends

 Song is an invitation that God cannot refuse. Many people sing without knowing what to expect but God has interest in the song you sing.

Every Problem has time limit. Hear me, there is nothing as Awesome in the presence of God as Praise.

Mark 16:20. Your problems may have lasted but your problem is not everlasting. When you are doing what God has sent you to do, your enemy will become His enemy and your battle will become His battle 1 Sam 30:8

Information transforms a man lack of it deforms a man 1 Sam 1:10-12. You can turn a life of tears into a life of happiness. Hannah vowed unto God

When you bless a Father, his heart will bless you and it will take away lack and struggling

What makes you weep is what you are sent by God to correct.. compassion draws grace for your assignment

Acts 16:25 – 26. PRAISE IS HIGHER THAN PRAYERS. When you sing a song of praise to God you focus on the omnipotence of God

As an Apostle of Praise, I know what Praise can do. Singing without commitment is an insult to God

You get healed through your spirit not through your intellect. God inhabits the Praise of his children Psalm 32:3

We serve an Awesomely Awesome God. Let your problems come, let your enemies arise, by the name of this God we preach, every problem shall be levelled

Those who know their God are miracle workers. Dancing is a sign of humility. It shows you care less about people’s opinion when you want to dance to God. Therefore, You are humiliation free and frustration free. As you dance to God tonight, the spirit of premature death shall leave you

The yoke of barrenness shall be broken

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