Wednesday Encounter with Daddy Uma Ukpai October 21st, 2015

Everyone who has served in this ministry shall not be forgotten. You must prove your ministry by been honest. We don’t take money to pray for any person, if the Lord has blessed you, it is left for you to come back and thank God.

Next Wednesday I will be teaching on the wonders of dream.

The bible is a closed book and only those who are born again can interpret it and partake in it. Number two: The bible is most authentic dream book for anyone that wants to be successful in life.

Any dream you can conceive in the ability of your heart, if you believe it, it is realizable. Your dream can be actualised and realized.
Mark 4:11-12. Isaiah 29:11-12
Excitement drives away fatigue. My dream for you tonight is that wherever the enemy stop your parents, they will not stop you there.

There are many people who don’t know how to be overcomers. Not every man is struggling on account of an enemy but mostly on account of their ignorance.
Mark 4:11-12, 2 Sam 11:1-4,

Knowledge is necessary for us to achieve greatness. There is sometimes an uncanny repetition of negative occurrences in the life of sons from their fathers 2 Sam 12:1-6.
David’s son repeated what he did. There’s a weakness in every man’s house that must be overcome 2 Sam 13:1-15. Gen 20:2-3

There are things that repeat in families but tonight we are going to tell God to position you that it will not repeat in your life.

Gen 9:22
Tonight, anyone that labour under limitation by my spoken word, you will go where you want to go, you will be what you want to be

Everyone here, you have a place of divine visitation waiting for you. There is nothing as being financially poor and be poor in communication. If you don’t have money, dress well and be a good communicator. I want to announce, your destiny helpers will soon meet you and will deliver to you what God has for you
There is a dream God will give you tonight that will be a revelation of your tomorrow’s dream. Don’t get discourage.
Raise your hand and say nobody shall discourage me.

You are not a biological accident. You are here on purpose for purpose

God will give you a life changing dream and desire

Little success staggers us and overwhelms us. The worst in life is to fail the test of success. Malachi 1:6. In your prosperity, remain humble and teachable. Avoid defensive mechanism. Any habits that destroy your conscience must be killed. Habit is easy to form and hard to break. Build the right habits. 1 Sam 15:20-21

A young girl was in love with somebody and they are had little quarrel, she said to the man, thunder fire you. The man said to her, this relationship has ended because the man that is struck by thunder is a dead man. She came to me and said pray that the man will come back. I told her to confess what she did

A Great Christian is a moral failure confessor

There is an offering that you will give that will move God. Your value will increase on earth and in heaven.

You will become the main man in your house. Stop saying I don’t know anybody to help me. You know the father, the son and the Holyghost. Nobody will ignore you anymore.

1 Kings 3:4-5 1 Kings 3:12. May God raise you like no one before to achieve greatness in your family

Prophecy over yourself: I am a candidate of greatness. I shall not allow anything to stand between me and God. I will not quit and I will not give up

Lay your hands and Prophecy over your children. Any curse upon them is broken.

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