Sunday Watch October 18, 2015

The Prophetic word for lifting and fruitfulness is coming to you today

Celebrate God this morning. Give him praise because every form of barrenness in your life has come to an end.

Psalm 113:1-9. You are fruitful. Expect God to supernaturally terminate every barrenness and unfruitfulness in your life today

Psalm 92:10-14. You shall not be fruitless in any area of your life from today. God will launch you to your realm of unquestionable fruitfulness. Today, you are going to see the covenant keeping God in your life.

There is no scientific solution to satanic oppression. You either get the answer from Jesus or you live with it forever. There are no medical solutions to spiritual oppression. Physicians cannot deliver from spiritual oppression. Luke 8:43. The woman wasted all her earning. The other was bound for 18 year. Luke 13:11-13. Only God can set you free. The good news is that Jesus has come to set you free. Matt 28:18. Today, every devil seating on your destiny must give way.

Physical barrenness is a spiritual problem. Behind the poverty of the poor are unseen forces to make life unbearable. Therefore, every spiritual issue in your life comes to an end today

2 Chronicles 16:12-13. The issue was spiritual but he was looking the wrong way. Oppressions are demonic. Acts 10:38, Matt10:1, Mark 6:7

Jesus the great physician .Matt 4:33, His specialization covers all manner of sickness and all manner of disease.

Our right to total health

Number One: We share eternal life with God. John 3:16, Rom 6:23. Gen 1:24-25, if a child of God, you have a God kind of life. I decree the establishment of your right to total health. 1 John 3:1-2

Number Two: The Holy Ghost quickens our mortal body and enforces our right to total health Rom 8:11, Matt 3:11-13. Every affliction tormenting you is coming to an end today. Isaiah 10:27, I Sam 16:13. You are set from every torture of life

Number Three: Gods word is Gods prescription for your healing Psalm 107:20. It is not scriptures you quote, it is scriptures you apply that brings your healing. James 5:14-15. You are walking free from attack. It is putting the scriptures to work that matters John 2:5. Scriptures don’t advice, they instructs, corrects and directs. This great prescription will deliver your desired answer. Matt 13:28, John 8:36

Every child of God is ordained to be fruitful Deut 7:14, Gal 3:29, Gal 3:13-14

The truth you receive and believe is what you become John 8:32. Miracles are no accidents, they are the deliberate acts of God in responds to the unshakable faith of men 1 John 5:4, Mark 2:12, Mark 10:51-52. James 1:6-7, Rom 4:20. Unshakable faith is the key to your miracles.

Gen 8:22, Luke 8:11. 1Pet 1:23. Every miracle is a confirmation of the seed of the word of God in your life.

We don’t bother about sperm count, we bother about word count. The dead sperm of Abraham fertilise the dead womb of Sarah to produce the Living seed. Psalm 127:3

Spiritual stewardship is a guarantee for your fruitfulness. Things only work for those who are working for God. No prayer can convert disobedience to obedience

Addiction to kingdom promotion and expansion is key to all round fruitfulness Matt 6:33. What others are dying to get shall be given to you. It is the values you add to God that is called service. Be challenged.