Wednesday Encounter with Daddy Uma Ukpai Nov 11th

I want to announce tonight your buried dream can be resurrected. Tell God you don’t want to live an ordinary life, an uneventful life, a life that has no testimony, a life that has no proof of what God can do. Tonight, every buried dream shall resurrect.

God will show himself mighty on your behalf. You must be a partaker of the testimonies of God . John 6:5-7 Luke 5:4, Matt 28:1-2. As a child of God you must never give up. If God promise it he will do it

Creativity is given to a believer to solve any problem that comes your way 1 Kings 3:1-5,10. Solomon gave what others could not give and God visited him. He asked God for Understanding and discernment. These are the two gifts that will make you the commander of your circumstances and ruler of your enemy, I announce tonight that some people here shall rule their enemy and rule their circumstances

God will bring people you don’t know that will explode your destiny

The enemy has a way of telling us there is no hope, don’t concur with your enemy. If this great God be with you, who will be against you? Every stone your enemy has sent to block you, tonight that stone shall be rolled away

WE GROW BY THE PROBLEM WE SOLVE. There is a battle over your life, over your destiny, over this nation but this great God shall fight your battle

I announce no weapon sharpened against us shall prosper. God will send an Angel to stand by you Matt 28:3

If you have a desire to serve God at a higher capacity, that close door is open. The power of any enemy of yours is powerless power. Heaven has spoken and the Holy Spirit is speaking now, I want to announce even the altar of your father’s house shall speak no more into your life.

Peter said I have buried the dream of ever catching one fish. As a child of God, do yourself a great favour, walk towards the place where you buried your dream because there is a hand that has rolled the stone away. Believe his word and not your circumstances. The God we preach shall surprise you with great miracles in your life

There are people who have lost the capacity for wonderment. Ask God to forgive you if you have a testimony and you have not shared it. There is a danger of ungratefulness. Only the grateful shall be grateful. Those who give their testimony to honour God shall be promoted

God uses your dream to talk to you
Jeremiah 1:5, 12. You are created to solve somebody’s problem. I don’t know which family you come from, you were sent by God to solve the problem in that family
Uncommon dream is God giving you the picture of your future and making it to come to pass, a desire to be an uncommon person, desire to break the limitation of your family, that dream that say you will be somebody. That dream that say you will be the Iroko tree of your village, it is the entry point to a life of distinction because an uncommon dream produces and uncommon life.

I carry a burden that God will banish poverty in this country and in your life. I am among those that believe this country shall experience industrialization

A dream is a compass in your life that shows you the potential in your life. You need an impossible dream that is the way to involve God. This God has a plan to visit you.

The man God will use to answer your prayers is already in position waiting for you

You can grow the dream God has given you, you can doubt it, you can ignore it or you can actualise it. This night is your night of divine visitation.


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