Sunday Watch November 8th, 2015

The Lord God of Heaven will give you an encounter of a lifetime today

He is the most High God. Therefore, do not tie God’s hands. Allow Him to work. He will do what no man can do for you

Psalm 149:1-9 God is committed for a continuous change of levels for His children. Tell God to give you an encounter with the Light of His word today.

God is saying to someone here, there is room for you on top if you are interested. Therefore, whatever God tells you to do, do it because every encounter with the word takes you to the next level. Receive now the Grace to do whatever he tells you to do.

“Engaging the wonders of Praise 2”

Every Prophetic agenda is for a set time. Genesis 18:10-12

Genesis 21:1-2 Set time, appointed time and at the end it must speak

If you don’t know the goalpost on the football pitch you will be a frustrated player.

You must connect to the fulfilment of Prophetic agenda but you must do whatever he tells you to do. Gen 15:13-15, Exodus 12:41-42

Everything ordained for this year in your life, there shall be no carryover to next year. You will take delivery of all. Deut 2:24. You must rise up to fight, to contend with oppositions for you to receive it

People wait for Prophesy to be fulfilled that is why they waste away. You must rise up to contend it 1Cor 16:9. Every divine plan will be contested by the enemy. 1 Tim 1:18

There is no human capacity that will deliver divine plan, only the hand of God has the capacity to deliver the plan of God 1 Kings 8:15.

It takes Praise to secure the hands of God, it takes Praise to smell the fulfilment of Prophecies. Psalm 22.3 2 Chro 20.22. God step into their affairs.

Whatever the enemy have planted in you today shall be vomited out. Every war against your destiny shall be won today.

Dancing is one way to bless God with all that is within us Psalm 103:1, Psalm 149:3-4

Every ugly area of your life will be beautiful today as you praise God in the dance

As you dance to God, you execute judgement in the camp of your enemy. 2 Sam 6:14

Everything mocking your destiny comes under judgement today. Your battle is over.

Dancing provokes the flow of divine favour Psalm 30:7 Favour beyond the realm of attack.

Mark 6:21-23 who will you please today?

No man comes into the presence of God without a song. You can dance your way out of misfortune and dance your way to realms of unstoppable favour Psalm 30:7. I decree, Favour will decorate your destiny this morning.