Wednesday Encounter Feb. 10th

Whatever mocks you, whoever mocks you shall be mock by our God

 When you expect a miracle to happen and nothing happens why is it so?

 Whatever you are going through you need to know what to do and why you are going through what you are going through. It will take away confusion and doubt. Job 13:15

 When you still trust God no matter what you are through, satan will be afraid of you

Job 23:8-9

 A man of understanding shall live and an establish life  Job 23:10

 “God believed in Job. I want to announce that in your day of trial may you not proof God wrong”

Paul and Silas sang in their day of trial. How many of you can sing in your day of trial?

When your enemy says it is over, this great God will say you are just beginning.

Matthew 14:22

Life has other side, where somebody you love will suddenly hate you with passion, somebody you help will begin to plot against you. It is not every attack that is a result of sin, sometimes it is God wanting to test you to know how much you love him.

Has a believer you have 1500 destiny helpers that God will send to help you.

Wherever you are in your walk with God it counts. When God will give you back whatever the enemy has taken from you he will give you extra. Deut 2:24

If the enemy is contesting your prayer, you must fight back

Only God has the final say over every problem in your life

When the enemy pushes you down it is not over, you will bounce back

We have a common enemy, satan said to God, allow me to test your son Job. You must contend with him

 Genesis 15:13-15 when you start seeing your mother as a witch, your father as a wizard, you have destroyed that family.

Whoever is behind your problem shall be judge by God

Whatever your enemy has taken from you shall be returned.

Psalm 105:37.  You will not leave empty handed

 1Tim 6:12 every promise of God is a statement made in court and sworn over in court. That is to say no matter what the enemy does, God will grant your miracle. The enemy may delay it but you will not be denied.

Don’t allow your enemy to define you. You will not surrender. Joshua 6:1-5, 15-16

 Don’t bury your dream and even if you had buried your dream, tonight your dream shall resurrect.

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