Sunday Watch February 7th, 2016

In this first Sunday of the month of February in the year 2016, let us celebrate God for His faithfulness in our lives. Everything you are thanking God for today shall be turned into a greater and fruitful testimony

Today shall mark the end of every form of harassment in your life

Every evil pursuing your life must turn back. Everything contesting with your coronation in Christ must surrender today

Say it confidently, my year has come- Gen 26:12-14. In this year, you will wax strong and grow and become very great and your mockers will begin to envy you

Engaging the breakthrough power of the word.

Gods word carries breakthrough virtues.

Exodus 14:15 Go forward. anything that cant stop God cant stop you

Luke 5:4-6, when the the word went forth, the fishes gather together rushing into the net. Frustration was turned into celebration. If God said it and you and I believe it, the word is made manifest. Gods word creates solution when we believe it.

Isaiah 59:19

John 6:63 Gods spirit is resident in his word. The word will confront your challenges.

1 John 1:5

The gang up of darkness against the believers is simply because of the absence of light. But when you graduate to revelation the assault will cease. Therefore, because your year has come, your enemies must bow out Isaiah 63:4

John 17:17, John 15:3 Gods word carries sanctification virtues.

Psalm 119:9

Gods Word as a weapon of war. Eph 6:17

Faith is our defensive weapon but the word is our offensive weapon Matt 4:1-14

God’s Word is Fire Jeremiah 23:29. Heb 12:29, 1 kings 18. The fire of God will fall on your favour into the camp of your enemies today

Matt 21:42-44, John 1:1, 14

By the word of the Lord today, the camp of your enemy is grounded to powder. Everything resisting your heritage, your fruitfulness, your testimony, your prophetic package in Christ for the year shall today be grounded to powder.

Isaiah 54:17. Declare what must be to every uprising against you and God shall confirm it

Every witch withholding and bewitching your destiny comes under a curse today. Psalm 94:1 Today, the God of vengeance is showing himself in your favour. Until vengeance shows up the wicked may never give up Ecc 8:11, Luke 18:7-8

Today marks the end of any monitoring demon against your life. The forces resisting you shall be no more, your life and destiny is now rescued.

“Serving God moves God to manifest his vengeance among your enemy Exodus 4:22-23. Serving God pays. It does not only guarantee your blessings, it also goes to assault your enemies. Today, your enemy must pay in hard currency

This is the concluding verse Isaiah 49:24-26

Today is declared your day of rescue.

You are here by divine ordination. God brought you here by himself to bless you. May his purpose be established in your life. Every closed door of breakthrough is now reopened.