Wednesday Encounter with Daddy Uma Ukpai March 16th, 2016

May God teach you how to pray and prevail in prayer

To bring you to a place of revelational knowledge

We have started the 62 nights fast. Fasting is a tool for greatness. Any man who knows how to pray knows nothing that is impossible. You can bring down the wealth and riches of heaven into their house.

2Chronicles 20:1-12, 20-25

God will bring problems your way to prepare you for greatness and not to crush you. Don’t be worried about problems, just ask God what do I do.

When we run into difficulties, we must go back to God to ask how we can turn obstacles into miracles

What makes our prayer powerful is the promise God has made to answer our prayers.

When you sing to God, dont sound like a town crier. Bring down Heaven with worship songs that can move heaven to turn your lamentation to laughter. You must conceive in the laboratory of your heart what you want God to do for you” 2 Chronicles 20:20-25 You have been called to a life of greatness, you must begin today to live that life

The enemy can attack you with sickness, lack of job or malicious allegation against you. Your prayer and your faith must choose what you want God to do for you.

Everyone that comes here, your life must demand supernatural explanation

Nobody is good enough to be your enemy. Allow God to fight for you. I want to announce, in the battle you are facing, you will not have to raise a finger because God will fight for you

God is waiting for you to command him concerning his handwork

Isaiah 58:6-8.  Ecc 10:10  Ask God for wisdom and wisdom gives you direction. Direction is the master key to success. While you fast, God can tell you what to do to reach the goal you have set for yourself.

Blessings of giving up your food. Matt 17:21. 1 John 5:13 Isaiah 40:31 2 Chronicles 14:11 Mark 1:40 God has the power to heal you

Your problem in life is not your problem, your problem is your own ignorance of what God can do

No man shall prevail against you. Esther 6:13

Ezra 8:21-23 In every battle you shall fight, you shall have supernatural commanding victory

1 Chronicles 29:10-19, David saw giving an offering to God as a great privilege because God can do without anyone of us.

Luke 4:1-2, 23,33,36

Jesus gave up his food for Power. It increases your favour and move God to fight for you

God will bless you with direction and instruction

Anyone here, looking for employment, looking for a life partner and the enemy mocks. Anyone here who pays offering to sickness and disease. I demand that the sickness must go. On behalf of every family here let your power be demonstrated. Father show yourself mighty on behalf of your children.

Every closed door at your appearance shall open

We give that God will increase our creativity and increase your favour. Write down two prayer requests which have not been answered and send it in.

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