Sunday Watch March 13th, 2016

God will provoke the healing water to favour you and drown your enemies in this covenant day of healing Exodus 14:18-19. Psalm 126:1-6.

When you participate in spiritual empowerment, it will results in victorious living. As soon as your cloud is full, your rain is bound to fall

When you participate in spiritual empowerment, it will results in victorious living. As soon as your cloud is full, your rain is bound to fall. The rain of greatness will fall in your life and everything that concerns you. If you can see the cloud, join us and be a partner. 1 Kings 18:41-45. They that sow in tears are only permitted to reap in joy.

Today is a day you will live to remember, heaven shall transform you. God is not a joker, he says what he means and he means what he says.

Something dramatic is ordained to take place in your life in this quarter of the year.

Psalm 34:8. don’t test him, trust him. Don’t tempt him, trust him

Understanding the wonders of Kingdom stewardship.

Exodus 23:25- God will uproot sickness from your body.

Soul winning engenders supernatural breakthroughs Daniel 12:3. Prov 11:30.  Daniel 6:20. Your tireless partnership with Christ in reaping the souls of the world makes a giant of you. Heaven shall make you a star forever

Divine health comes from God. The results of soul winning are ordained to be quick reward Rev 22:12, Luke 22:35. Expect your quick returns. Every of your input shall return back to you. I want you know that the next few weeks and beginning this week will prove to your mockers that you are not wasting your time in serving God. That area of mockery in your life is converted to an issue of glory.

Exodus 15:26, Every provision of redemption is left to your choice. God never forces his blessings on people.  Matthew 9:27

Every oppression of the devil is far from medical science. Acts 10:38. Most diseases are direct oppression of the devil. Somebody is working into liberty today.  Luke 4:39

If your attack is demonic, you will die for free outside Jesus. Whether natural or demonic, everything must obey God.

Healing is delivered according to the individual faith Luke 8:48. We have to do the believing before Christ can do the healing.

One way to get your healing is through the communion. 1 Cor 11:23-30. It installs strength, health and longevity. It delivers the ultimate John 6:54-57. Whatever is not in Christ, the communion will root it out. Tell that challenge, you are illegal in my body. I decree, whatever you cannot imagine found in Christ shall be rooted out of your body

Scriptural backing of the Power of Communion

Matthew 26:26-28. Exodus 7:11-12. 2 Kings 4:39-40.  John 6:50, 58.  Psalm 105:37. Deut 8:4.  Luke 24:30-31, Leviticus 17:11, John 6:57. Rev 12:11.

Every sickness has an expiry date. Today is declared, the expiry date of that attack, of that sickness on your health

2 Cor 4:17, Luke 5:25-26. You are getting your strange healings today.  Jesus healed everyone but only the redeemed will sustain their miracle. It takes the word to sustain your miracle.