Sunday Watch September 27, 2015

In this last Sunday of the month of September 2015, it shall be your day of total recovery of anything the devil has stolen from you. Lift up your voice and thank God because you are in His sanctuary and not in the mortuary. You shall fulfil your destiny in grand style

Whatever you thank God for shall never return to sorrow.

You shall remember the Lord your God for a remembrance of your covenant of wealth Deut 8:18. When you give joyfully, God will grant you financial recovery

Every move of the Spirit is accompanied by wave of recovery Joel 2:25-27. Jesus came to enforce your recovery. John 10:10. He came to create a platform of recovery and replacement of all that you have lost. But until you know, you will not know whether it is stolen or not. Rev 5:12.

You are empowered by redemption to rule in the midst of your enemy. John 1:12, Luke 10:19, 2 Cor 8:9

Jesus came to restore strength, riches back to you. Healing, health and wholeness to us.

Man was created a super healthy being until after the fall but Jesus came and bore our sicknesses and carried our pains. 1 Pet 2:24. Therefore today I decree full recovery of your health. Every trace of weakness in anyone’s life is cursed from the root today

You have been taken away from the market of sickness to enjoy vitality and honour. Isaiah 61:7. From today, every trace of shame and reproach in your life is turned to double honour

Redemption is that point God has vowed to glorify you and me John 12:23

Eph 1:3

Whatever makes people question where is your God? Under prophetic service this day, it is turned to a testimony

Redemption offers us life at its best. And Blessings Acts 3:26

Salvation is the gateway to a world of blessings Gal 3:14

There are amazing blessings that accompany salvation

Look at the fruit of the Spirit Gal 5:22 there are things money cannot buy. They are deposited to us at redemption.

Until the thief is caught and overpowered you cannot recover your blessings. The devil is the thief. Jesus has come for your abundant life

Covenant steps to recovery

You need the key to access the kingdom. We live in a kingdom that operates on keys

Number One: You must be born again

Your sins must be forgiven before the virtues can be recovered. New birth is a must. Exodus 4:22-23. From slavery to royalty.

Number Two: If you are born again and walked away, you must returned back to God for your virtues to be recovered. Until you return you will not be restored. Until the prodigal son return, your dignity will not be restored. Luke 15:25. 2 Cor 13:8

Number Three: The HolySpirit is the facilitator of our recovery. The Principal facilitator. The Holy Ghost is your access to the word. Without the HolyGhost, you are limited. Holyghost is Your protection and your defence that keeps you agile spiritually. Helps you to pray according to will of God.

Number Four: Recovery is enhanced by your commitment to Kingdom endeavours Matt 6:33. Whatever good thing others are dying to get shall be added to you.

You are serving God and you are not permitted to be tormented by the devil. Psalm 102:15. When you are committed in truth and in deed, you will naturally recover your blessings. You are free from every issue of misfortune

Number Five: Seek the good of others. Job 42:10. Eph 6:8. Every good things you do shall you receive from God.

Number Six: Make specific demand for your recovery. Isaiah 38:3-5. Prayer of Faith.

Number Seven: Believe the ministry of the Prophet sent to you. Hosea 12:13. Today you must come out from demonic bondage.

The stronger your love for God the faster your recovery 1 Sam 30:8. Every genuine lover of God recovers supernaturally 1 Sam 30:18-19.

Redeemed to be more than a conqueror and not strugglers. We overcome by faith and triumph by revelation but we are more than conqueror by love. When you are in love you cannot be cheated

Whatever makes others ask you where is your God? returns with you today. You are moving from Poverty to prosperity. Any force that wont let you go comes under a curse today. Any force that wont let you go, goes down for you today. I decree full recovery of your health and vitality. I decree the full recovery of your mental dignity. From today I released you as a tormentor of your troublers. Everything start looking up for you in the name of Jesus.

You need to move before anything moves. It pays to serve God.