Wednesday Encounter with Daddy Uma Ukpai 30-09-2015

God will bless you this night with the revelational knowledge of His Power but if you thank God for where you are, it will take you to where you want to go

Jesus says “If ye love me, keep my commandments. John 14:15

Your level of commitment to God shows your level of love to Him” 1 John 5:3

Our love for God shows in our keeping of HIS instructions

You can’t love God and slander others. You can’t love God and not reflect a character of love towards others. Tonight, ask God to turn your weakness into strength

There are so many powerless Christians going about. You must speak the truth in love

When you love God you participate in the duties of His house. Love motivates you to give. Love makes you to be in the playing field not just an observer. 1 Chronicles 29:1-3

Everybody is required to give. You cannot say you love God without giving to God

Men and brethren we are required to stay away from evil. Satan has no regard for your age or your title. Job 1:8. Job 1:9. And we see God’s response to Job’s love

Promotion does not come from your salary. Riches does not come from your earning. Job feared God, meaning he honored God by serving. He also avoided evil. His love for God was evident

Your promotion and success are in the hands of God. No force is powerful enough to keep God from blessing you.

Every problem you are facing will be God’s excuse to demonstrate His power in your life. John 9:2-3

I declare, every problem I am facing shall become God’s excuse to demonstrate His Power on my behalf

1 Samuel 17:57-58. 8:1-3. In the last program, we had 17 people that had fibroid in their womb healed. What moves us moves Him. He is not immune to our pain and He hears our cry. Hebrew 4:12. Tonight, I dont know what your problem is, tell your problem you have a blood covenant with Jesus


We serve an Awesomely Awesome God. His presence tonight shall mock any witch that mocks you, any problem that mocks you and any sickness that mocks you

Allow yourself to be in the position where God will do something in your life that even your own neighbours will fear and honour God. Declare ‘the time for God to favour me has come” Luke 5:4-5. Psalm 102:15

Let God do something outstanding in your life

John 10:11, Ephesians 5:25. There are people here who made a promise to God and when God answers them, they forget. My question to you tonight, do you love this God? Luke 5:8-10. Tonight, may God baffle you with baffling miracles

I want to announce, Jesus took your place that every sickness on you will be no more

Raise your hand and declare, I am a candidate of miracle this night

A Professor invited me to bring down a juju and the native doctor told him, any man who will do that will die. When the native doctor saw me, he said it cant be true that I am alive. I told him, I serve an extraordinary God and therefore I am an extraordinary person. Right where you are tonight, God will do something extra in your life

Every sickness that operates in the womb shall operate no more. Any power, any witch holding anyone here shall hold them no more. Everyone that says father recognise my problem, let your presence envelope them. let their problems become their promotions

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