Sunday Watch November 22nd, 2015

Your Praise this morning will trigger the fulfilment of every Prophecy upon you

God has brought to the sanctuary and you are not in the mortuary.

Today you shall encounter destiny.

A word will be released into your life and will open a new door into your life.

The name you call yourself is the name you are called.

Your challenge is only temporary and it will not continue. You are coming out of it in grand style.

The change of story of the saints is guaranteed by the blood. You can dignify your destiny by your mentality. No matter how they look at you today, your story is bound to change. So don’t think lack and expect prosperity.

Engaging the wonders of Praise

Matthew 21:9, 15-16, 21 The devil is always displeased with high praise.

Everything stealing your inheritance in Christ, as you engage in high praises Jesus will go wide and flush them out by force. Your total health is delivered today.

Give God the widest Praise and God will step into your affairs.

It takes high praises to be highly favoured. Everyone future is a function of the favour of God in your life 1 Cor 15:10

Psalm 30:7- when Gods favour is withdrawn, destiny start going down.

Esther 5:1

As you put on the garment of praise, favour will answer in your favour

Mark 6:21-22 To experience fearful blessings, we must give God fearful praises.

Gal 6:7. Psalm 67:5-7. Nothing moves God like Praise. Isaiah 38:20. It is time to sing your song

You need to praise God in that prison house and receive divine intervention.

Malachi 3:6, Exodus 15:11 God still does fearful things today.

Psalm 47:1-9. God will release your hanging inheritance.

God is big enough to defend himself

We can Encounter destiny in four major ways

  1. Direct divine encounter – Psalm 22:3 Only Praiseful saints qualifies for it. It takes a Praising soul to have divine encounter Rom 4:20.
  2. Heavenly vision- unveiling of Gods plan as it relates to you. Rev 4:1, Psalm 100:4 Hab 2:1. Psalm 16:11, Many people may not access Gods plan because of their wrong positioning. Everything that murmurs in you that is messing up your destiny, I command them curse today
  3. You encounter destiny through Rhema- you need one word to open your new chapter
  4. Revelation- God opens up destiny through revelation. John 16:13, Psalm 119:106, Isaiah 60:1.20,22 Isaiah 30:29-30. The revelation you operate with determines your inheritance in Christ. Rev 5:12. Your possession answers absolutely to revelation. Acts 20:32, 2Peter 1:3, 2 Kings 3:15