Sunday Watch March 26th, 2017

14 years blood in urine healed after taking anointing oil. Another, after sowing seeds to God, granted Canadian permanent residency. Only God can do it. Psalm 47:1-9, Psalm 92:1. God will perform your own miracle. God will set you apart for good.

Don’t come here as a visitor, come as one longing for an encounter. Get connected and you will not struggle for survival. May you enjoy the beauty of the new life that God has for you. After this month of March, you will never be stagnated again in your life. John 6:6

What wisdom is this`? Wisdom from above delivers at the same rate, anytime and any place. Matt 7:25-27. John 3:31, Dan 1:20-21, Dan 5:11,  1Kings 4:29-31, 34. There is no struggle when you are lighted. When you connect with the truth.

You cannot have revelation and seat tight. In Jesus name you will not lack the wisdom from God.

You need a tireless commitment to the study of the word. Psalm 119: 97-98. 2 Tim 4:13. 2 Pet 3:15-16. Luke 11:49. The wiser you become, the more restful life becomes.

It takes joy to draw from the bible. Phi 4:4, 1 Thess 5:16, Isaiah 12:3, Psalm 16:11,

Reach out for Impartation of the spirit of wisdom Deut 34:9, 2 Tim 1:6-7. Ezek 2:2, 1 Tim 4:14, Receive afresh today the endowment of the spirit of wisdom. You must acknowledge God always and the flow will be sustained Jer 9:23-24, Mal 2:1-3. Rev 5:10. James 1:17.

On this covenant day of encounter with destiny service, Isaiah 29:11-12, Prov 4:13, 2 Cor 3:18. Gen 12:1-3. As long as you are still breathing, God still has new thing to do for you. Exodus 3:10. Rom 8:29-30. 2 Pet 1:3. Gen 26:12-14. Gal 4:28, your life is to be envied and not to be pitied.

All your mockers today will envy you tomorrow.

Matt 11:11. Matt 12:42, inside you is a greater than Solomon potential. May you emerge a global phenomenon in your field.

A trailblazer and a pace setter.  Matt 5:13-14. We are preservatives of the dying world. The world will always need you and I. 1 Cor 2:9. Just keep loving God and you he will not stop making you a wonder to your world. I release you today as a wonder to your world.

This race demands patience and endurance. You wont miss your price.

To have encounter with destiny:

  1. Be spiritual. 1 Cor 2:14. To have encounter with destiny, be spiritual. Rom 8:6. You must have capacity to appreciate spiritual things.
  2. Be prayerful. We encounter destiny from the altar of prayers. Jer 33:3, Gen 32:28, Rev 1:10, Gal 5:25,
  3. Be God loving and kingdom advancement passionate. Phi 1:21, 1 Kings 8:17-18. Matt 6:33
  4. Remain steadfast in the faith. Dont get a miracle and run away. God will consistently decorate your life when you stay with God. Welcome to your heaven of rest. I believe that your destiny will keep blossoming. You shall continue to flourish. From this day I release you as an envy to your generation. WHATEVER you lay your hands to do shall continue to prosper. You will not miss your access to your next chapter