Sunday Watch March 19th, 2017

In this Covenant day of miracle children banquet you shall receive word that will destroy every satanic bondage.

Psalm 113:1-9

I announce to every tithe and giver, your harvest is guaranteed. Welcome to your season of financial abundance

I decree today your speedy reward to every partner of this commission. Deut 28:1, 2Kings 5:14. Simple obedience is the platform of noiseless breakthrough. John 9:7, 1 Sam 15:22. Amos 6:1. The harder you are on yourself today, the higher you fly tomorrow. Receive the Spirit of obedience

Obedience may be costly but the end result will be priceless. Isaiah 1:18-19

Ecc 5:9. The profit of the earth is for all. Reasoning is one of the covenant platform of flowing in divine abundance. Isaiah 43:26- Every child of God is too loaded to be grounded or assaulted. Exodus 3:14

Your giving is for God to prosper you and not to prosper God. James 1:7, Prov 14:28, 1 Sam 2:30

Numbers 12:8 when God honours you, witches and wizards will stay clear. The army of Giants will rise from this platform.

It is your obedience today that established your placement in life tomorrow. Psalm 12:6. Your struggle must end finally now. Luke 15:17-18. Gen 41:16-32, 33-49.

A life style of meekness enhances our access to light. 2 Kings 3:13-14, Matt 11:29, James 4:6

Psalm 34:10, this is a breakthrough ground for this generation. 1 Sam 1:11 Antiquity can lead to unending frustration. God demands us to be specific. Gen 1:3, 27-28. Whatever God says, he creates. By the decree of heaven I declare you a fruitful vine.

What must I do to be fruitful

  1. Be born again. Gal 3:29, Deut 7:14. God says you will become his priority.
  2. Be committed to serving God. Psalm 127:3- provoke the release by kingdom stewardship. Exodus 23:25-26. Serving God entitles you to fruitfulness. You can stop the hand of the wicked by your service. Incase
  3. Be joyful in the lord. 1 Sam 1:18, Phi 4:4. Joel 1:12. Be joyful if you must remain fruitful. 1 Cor 10:10 Gal 5:22, the more joyful a believer, the more fruitful his life becomes. Take your joy away from every joy breaker. You must protect your joy from joy breakers.

Psalm 128:3  Every child of God is ordained a fruitful vine.  John 15:5, Holyghost empowers you to be fruitful Luke 1:35. What is set to be deficient in your system shall be put in order today. Jer 1:5. Psalm 100:3. Psalm 139:14. God is a baby maker, you cannot be a baby beggar. Today is your day atlast.