Sunday Watch Jan. 7th, 2018

Sunday Watch Jan. 7th, 2018

First Sunday of the Year 2018.

Special Communion Service

The journey of 2018 has started, you must thank God for he is so faithful. In this special communion service, let every desire be granted.  Psalm 63:1-11 it is your new dawn era.

The Power level, The great Power level, The exceeding Power level and the Great power level to come. Prayer and fasting empowers people and changing things and people. Praying with Fasting works. Zechariah 8:12. Your seed shall be prosperous. To every seed sower, let the seed be multiplied in return

Grace is coming upon you today for 21 days fasting and prayer. It will end on 28th of January 2018.

Isaiah 43.18, you will encounter God this time. Jer 33:3. Ask God and expect to receive answers from him. 1 Sam 30:8, God responds to us in prayers.

Maximising the blessedness of fasting and prayers. It is a platform for supernatural breakthroughs. These weeks will be a defining moment for a speedy delivery of your new dawn package. It is a one man ever winning army. These prayers and fasting will secure the entire years for you. Dan 11:32, your knowledge of God will take you to anywhere in the world.

There will be an outbreak of breakthroughs and favour, the kind you have never read of and it will happen in your life. Isaiah 58:6-14, James 5:17, 1 Kings 18:39, every commandment of scripture is profitable for us. 2Tim 3:16-17, Heb 4:2. Mat 17:20-21, every impossible barrier that stairs you in the face clears off for you finally now.

Benefits of fasting and prayer is fulfilment of prophecy. Luke 4:14,18-21. Fulfilment was provoked from the altar of fasting and prayers. Phi 3:19. Heb 12:16

Fasting and prayers expedites your answer. Isaiah 58:9, Prayer does not deliver partnership for delivery. There was no partnership with Jacob when he had a change of name. You must engage God personally.

Prov 28:13. Prayer without confessing your sin and receiving forgiveness is nothing. Tell God to forgive you. Lets confess and forsake an be ready for divine visitation.

Number two. Mat 11:6. Refuse to be offended in God and in man. God is not behind your problem. Acts 24:16,

Number three: define your goals and objectives. Prov 29:18, Ezra 8:21.23, 2 Chro 20:3

Number four. Prepare to engage your heart in seeking the Lord. Prov 16:1,

Other benefits of fasting is the unleashing of favour. Gen 39:4, 21, he found favour. Nothing flys like favour. The end has come to every form of misfortune in your life. Nehemiah 5:14, a cup bearer became a Governor. Favour from heaven will answer to you. Favour will deliver your miracle this year. Every spell of misfortune shall be openly destroyed in everyones life.

Kingdom priority seeker live in a wonder world. Stand in the gap for the kingdom and pray with all your heart. Pray for the needs of others so that your own needs can be met. As you pray specific prayer God will answer you speedily. Remember, your performance is determined by the quality of your preparation