Sunday Watch Jan. 14th, 2018

Sunday Watch Jan. 14th, 2018

In this Special Encounter Service, you shall testify

Psalms 63:1-11 Today is your day of Joy.

2 Thess 1:6, all that trouble the peace and progress of this nation recompense tribulation to them oh Lord. Trouble them in the name of Jesus.

Psalm 94:1-2 father bring an end to the Fulani menace across Nigeria and visit their camp with vengeance

Matt 21:42-44, Every ganged up against the growth and expansion of Gods church in Nigeria shall scatter.

Gal 6:7  God is not mocked, whatsoever a man soweth so shall he reap. Present your seed to God today. As you sow with joy, the devourer shall be rebuke for your sake and the windows of heaven shall be open continually for you this week in Jesus name

Thank you Jesus for answered prayers. It is my new dawn era. Isaiah 63:4, 2 Thess 1:6 Lord trouble my troublers this day wherever they may be and bring an end to their activities that they trouble nobody no more.

Maximising the blessedness of Prayers and Fasting. 2 Tim 3:16-17, Heb 4.2, 1 Pet 2:9 your journey is to marvel at by all around you. You are allowed to live a pitiable life therefore, everything resisting your enjoyable life comes under judgment today. Your life shall be making news everyday by the new things that shall be happening around you everyday.

Nobody can live and operate in new dawn era without embracing the instruction of prayer and fasting. Isaiah 58:6-11 Fasting is for your empowerment and also to operate in new dawn realm that redemption offers. Fasting provides clear guidance and access to your miracles

Heb 12:16-17, Fasting facilitate answers to prayers. Isaiah 58:9. Expect every of your prayer item to return as testimonies this season. Fasting holds no answer except you add prayers to it. You need grace to pray prevailing prayer. Pray to a point where you have a witness of the Spirit that God has heard you

Psalm 100:4 murmuring muddle up issues, complaining complicates matters. Numbers 11:1, Celebrate God and quit complaining. Celebrate the faithfulness of God. Psalm 3:5, Anytime you desire access, come celebrating God.

Praying kingdom advancement prayer is Gods priority for prayer life. Seek ye first the kingdom of God.  1 Tim 2:1-4, Psalm 37:25, Heb 4:16, 1 Kings 18:24,28, 38-39. You need to be bold to secure audience with God. 1 Sam 17:49

Exodus 22:18, You have been begging all your life. No more begging for you. I rebuked timidity in your life

James 1:7, come making demands on the platform of faith. The faith content of your cry is what matters. Mark 11:24, Mathew 21:22, none of your prayers shall return void.

Isiah 5:13, Hosea 4:6, fasting provides a platform for outbreak of revelations. So as to walk free from the frustration of life.

Dan 11:32, fasting will launch you into your new dawn heritage. Know God and do what God says, and you will scale up in life. The destiny of your business, your career and your family will open up.

Acts 10:38 invest quality time in fasting and prayer, access to your high places will open without sweat. Nothing will keep you in the valley anymore.

Fasting enhances your spiritual level of authority. Expect your level of authority to be enhanced. Matt 17:19, thank God for the treasures loaded for you this 2018.