Sunday Watch December 6th, 2015

Let us celebrate Jesus today for bringing us to the first Sunday of the last month of 2015

Psalm 126:1- 6 The Lord will turn your captivity around today

Expectation defines your outcome in any engagement. You shall enjoy financial encounter from today

If you believe, you will see the glory of God (John 11:40). Your long awaited miracle shall be delivered to you this week. You shall have an encounter to remember.

God always reserve great miracles for the last. John 7:37, Hab 2:3. You must take delivery of your last days of the year package. Whatever remains your package for the year, call it by name and receive them by faith today


No one arrives at a future he cannot see. Preparation is vital to your destination in life. 2 Chronicles 27:6 everyone’s tomorrow is your preparation today. Nothing is a substitute to adequate preparation in arriving at your expectation.

How prepare you are for an encounter with God will determine your outcome

Luke 1:80. Exodus 19:10 Preparation defines the beauty of your expectation and a demand of preparation from God.

You can be with millions but Your preparation can distinguished you with God

You can be in the midst of the crowd and be distinguished. My prayer today is that God will locate you. You are making it.

I Sam 3:21. God reveal himself by the word.

Somebody’s destiny that may have been closed by the devil is opening today. God shall visit you personally.

2 Tim 2:20-21 All that is needed to maximise your visitation by God, receive it now in the name of Jesus. 1 Cor 15:41 The glory is in levels. Your level of preparation is vital to your glorification.

One genuine encounter is much more worth than a lifetime of effort. 1Peter 1:16 Matt 5:48 ,you have the potential to be holy and perfect as our God is perfect. As long as you are still pressing, it is a sign that we will soon arrive. When you stop pressing you become oppressed. Phil 3:14. You must arrive next year in your new spiritual statutes.

Those who make it in God are highly disciplined. Those who make news don’t watch them.

There is no technology to root out sin. Sin has a spiritual root and can only be spiritually dealt with. Rom 8:13, Rom 1:4, 2 Thess 2:7. There is not technical solution to sanctification; it is a spiritual issue 1 Tim 3:16. Therefore in the name of Jesus I decree the root of sin that was place to take you away from your glory and comfort be destroyed today

It takes a spiritual force to destroy the enemy’s strong hold in your life. Isaiah 59:19, every force behind the sin that is forcing filthiness in your life shall be flushed out today.

Sin is forceful but God shall destroy the forces of sin in your life today Matt 11:12 Prov 7:21 Judge 16:16-19 Isaiah 11: 2

1Cor 2:12, 1 John 2:16

We must crave for the endowment of the HolyGhost.

The end time saints are ordained for global impact.

What enhance your worth are the people you are touching.

2 Tim 1:7 Rom 5:5 Your struggle with the spirit of this world is declared over.

What is in sanctification Acts 20:32. Access to your inheritance. It takes sanctification to access your inheritance and guarantees your miracle and answers Psalm 66:19

The greater the oil the greater the impact. Prov 1:13- Sanctification guarantees Peace and quietness 32:17-18.