Sunday Watch April 3, 2016

Give God Praise in this Covenant day of breaking generational curses. The anointing will break every yoke and deliver your miracle

Psalm 126:1-6. The Lord will turn your captivity around

Financial dominion is your heritage in Christ because Jesus has given us Power

It is an awesome month. One genuine encounter with God is worth more than a lifetime of effort. An encounter will bring an end to your financial struggles.

No one shall lack an encounter that will change his or her story for life

My prayer is that each ones financial dominion shall be fully established this month. In most cases our ignorance are our greatest enemies. You cant know the right thing and still be grounded John 8:32 Hosea 4:6

Malachi 4:1-2  You will be flourishing where others are famishing

Malachi 3:10-18, Psalm 91:7  1Tim 6:17-19- The Covenant secures you in hard times. Therefore, in the name of Jesus, in this harsh economic times,You will never know how it feels  Deut 8:18.

Gods prosperity plans is not a promise but answers to Covenant. You have to play your part. Gen 8:22 Jeremiah 33:20. In the name of Jesus, the terms of the financial prosperity will bring an end to all your financial concerns

Somebody here this day is marking the end of all your financial struggle

Psalm 89:34 Covenant is reliable. Covenant is a deal brought by God based on well-defined terms and sealed with an oath Hebrews 6:13-18 Gen 12:1, Gen 22:17 You will be a blessing-

Psalm 33:18-19  famine or economic concern cant stop the covenant of God

Economic concern happened to every generation of Gods people Ecc 1:9-10 Gen 47:15. If you know anyone who went through, find out how they went through and what they did to go through. Gen 12:10, Gen 13:2, Gen 26:1. A the Lord liveth, you will never beg to eat

Gen 43:1.  It is not the income of a man that makes rich it is the blessings of the lord that makes rich and added no sorrow Prov 10:22. Expect the blessings of the Lord

“It is your turn to enjoy financial rest from this day onward 2 Chronicles 15:15”

Terms To key for financial fortune

  1. Tithing: is Gods first factor to your financial adventure. The first fruit that makes the balance meaningful. Prov 3:9-10, Mal 3:10 Lev 27:30. Consistency in tithing guarantees your financial fortune. Gods portion that makes the remainder meaningful. The whole sum will be worthless without securing it with covenant practice. Gen 14:19-20. John 8:39, Gal 3:13-14 we have to do what Abraham did to flow in the kind of blessings he experienced
  2. Worship Offering: Don’t come to Gods house empty handed Exodus 23:18, Exodus 16:16

Giving answers to all issues of our life Philippians 4:19, 15-18

My God shall supply all your need. Gen 8:20-21  Sacrifice averted the curse on the earth. 2 Sam 24:24-25. May the Lord remember all the sacrifice and offering and bring an end to all the ordeals on your life. You are living a curse free life from today. Psalm 20:1-3. Your portion today is freedom from all generational curses.

Every curse responsible for your career crises, marital challenges, financial challenges comes to an end today. I decree, today come down in your record as your day of escape. By the Power of redemption, every curse on your life ends today in the name of Jesus