God’s Sufficiency DWD April 29th, 2021

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Declaration for April: Father God, this month of April 2021 is declared my month of Overflowing Testimonies. I declare, all through this new month, the windows of heaven are open unto me and my barns shall be full to the overflowing. Divine ideas will locate me this month and it will open new chapters in my life. Strange testimonies will come my way this month to the glory of God in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Weekly Partners Declaration: This week is the beginning of my unending favour. I announce, all those who look up to me shall not be disappointed. My mockers shall celebrate me because I have a delightful inheritance and give me gifts. I am awesomely favoured and the boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places. As I partner with the God of this commission, I shall not allow circumstances to dictate my Praise, my destiny and my future in Jesus’ name! Amen.


Bible Study: God’s Sufficiency

Concluding Prayer

Worship song for Today: What do You believe in?

Prayer School

Daily Wisdom Devotion: God’s Sufficiency

Mathew 17:27, Isaiah 61:6, Ecclesiastes 10:19, Luke 5:1-10, Numbers 23:8, Proverbs 10:22, Jonah 1:17, Deuteronomy 8:18, 1 Kings 17:7-16

Men and brethren, every word of God written and spoken in this commission is cooked and delivered from heaven in prayers to make you stand out from the crowd. Therefore, that burden that is a concern to you must be lifted. You cannot be a partner to master Jesus and be in debt. Money in the mouth of fish- God’s sufficiency illustrates the concern of Jesus paying his debt and also paying the debt of his follower. If God can command money to be in the mouth of the fish, that same God can command money to be in your pocket. I stand upon the anointing of this commission and I decree, everything that holds your breakthrough, your inheritance, your resources; your money shall vomit it in the name that is above every other name, in Jesus name. Amen,

Our Lord Jesus said, “Notwithstanding, lest we should offend them, go thou to the sea, and cast an hook, and take up the fish that first cometh up; and when thou hast opened his mouth, thou shalt find a piece of money: that take, and give unto them for me and thee” Mathew 17:27. The bible says, ‘in the mouth’, not the stomach, that means the fish was not permitted to die. The fish was a carrier of divine instruction. Don’t pray for your enemies to die. Pray that they shall live and work hard and you will eat their riches. Isaiah 61:6. I declare, whoever carries your blessing will not swallow it. You are surely taking delivery of that miracle.

Jesus commanded Peter to “take and give” Illustrating the two levels of prosperity. Number One: Take and Give and Number Two: Take and Keep. If you take and keep when it is time to take and give, you have eaten your seed.  Peter was instructed to Take and Give. There was a time during my Youth service at Uyo Nigeria, I had a program in one of the churches and a man who was a business man came crying that he was in serious debt. As I was praying for him, the Spirit of God told me he made a promise to God and never fulfilled it even after God has blessed him. The Lord showed me that the man would have been operating in millions now, but when it came to ‘take and give’ level, he took and kept. So I told him and he confessed. I prophesied to him that God will give him the money he vowed to God in the next few days. Next time I had a meeting, the same man came crying. I said to him, this God I serve cannot lie. He said, actually, God gave him the money exactly but there was another urgent need. I told him, I am not permitted by God to pray for you. Peter followed Instructions and he was debt free. Hear me, when you eat your seed, you destroy your future. Some of you, God is going to test you with big money, I tell you, it is not yet your investment fund: it is not yet time to buy shares, it is time to take and give.

The end of your struggling comes when you take from what God has given you and give back to him. When you take and give, soon a door will be open unto you. I decree, the end of your suffering from financial hardship in the name of Jesus. Every financial yoke is broken today. Every emptiness of pocket and dryness of hands will end today in the name of Jesus.

Jesus said, “Notwithstanding, lest we should offend them…” It is money matter that causes quarrel in the family. Offences come through financial discrepancies and disagreement between close friends. We get cheap insults when it has to do with unpaid debt. Your village men will stop respecting you when you have not paid your annual dues. Infact, when the man with money comes to your gathering, you will be asked to stand up for him so that he can sit down and it does not matter if the man with the money is younger. Some of you here have lost your best friends because of money, and some of you have lost your respect back at home because of money. The Bible says, “Money answered all things” Ecclesiastes 10:19 And Jesus said, ‘so that we don’t offend…’ When you don’t have money, you offend; you offend your wife, you offend the government, you offend your parents, you offend your friends and you offend your bank. A moneyless man or woman is a friend of nobody. Today, whichever spiritual roadblocks that witches have set against you, and said nothing good will pass to you, I come with that anointing that breaks the yoke, I have come with the anointing that opens the door, I have come with the anointing that answers by fire. This message has come to you with the anointing to dislodge every roadblock in your life.

There is a fish that is carrying your money; that fish may be in your office. The fish may be somewhere, but there is a fish. It could be a contract, but there is a fish that is having your money in its mouth. Today, it shall vomit it. Today, we command your finances to come from the north, south, east and west, in the mighty name of Jesus. Wherever your help has been buried, we in this commission command it to come forth, in the name of Jesus.

Jesus said, “…Go down to the sea…” What you need today is to know where you need to go. The word of God gives wisdom and wisdom gives direction. Direction is the masterpiece to success. If you don’t know where to go in life, every road will be ‘Yes Sir’. Jesus told Peter where to go, this same God will show you where to go if you ask him. The Lord said, ‘cast a hook and take up the fish’. Peter was a professional fisherman. God used his skills with divine empowerment. I declare today, that skill in you is now empowered. It does not matter whether they were other fishermen in the same river. Some may have been their fishing all night and all day, but when you appear, the Lord shall show you the fish that carries your money because what God has kept for you nobody can take it and no man can curse what God has blessed (Numbers 23:8). God said, “I will go before thee, and make the crooked places straight: I will break in pieces the gates of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron: And I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that thou mayest know that I, the Lord, which call thee by thy name, am the God of Israel” Isaiah 45:2-3. Wherever these riches are buried, in the water, in the ocean or under the tree; anywhere your blessing is hiding, anywhere your finances are hiding, by the Power of God, they shall be release unto you.

Jesus said to Peter, ‘take your hook…’ After this message, ‘throw in the hook’, not the net, for net will enclose a multitude of fishes which will demand selection and search. God says, “the kind of money I want to give you, you will not search, and it will not come by trial and error. It shall not be based on chance, it is a certainty. Jesus instructed Peter to take the first catch, and nothing more. From today, you shall not knock from door to door; from one proposal to the other, that which is your own shall click at the first throw of the hook. The ‘fish’ that enters your hook shall be the fish that carries your money. I prophesy that an ordinary and trouble fish shall not enter your hook. I command divine favour upon your life and business. Favour is what makes a man apply or propose for a job once, and the hook grabs it. From today, you shall not sweat in vain; you shall not labour in vain. ‘The blessings of God’ the bible says “it maketh rich and added no sorrow” Proverbs 10:22.

This message is for those who are about to be embarrassed financially. If Jesus did not pay that money, they would have arrested, embarrassed and disgraced my Lord for tax evasion, and journalists would have joyfully gone to press, especially with negative publicity. God will save you from embarrassments. Some of you reading this message today, if God does not do something as He did for Jesus and Peter; if God does not intervene, you know what your landlord will do to you, you know what your creditor will do to you. The Lord has sent this message to deliver you from embarrassments. This message has come to deliver you from shame; it has come to deliver you from debt. Notice that Judas Iscariot, Jesus’ treasurer was nowhere to be found during this episode. And Jesus did this miracle to prove to all the Judases in your life, that man shall not live by one source of income alone; and that the God we serve cannot be limited, neither can He be frustrated. They may have blocked you everywhere, but I prophesy to you that they are in for a big surprise this month. Your enemies shall be embarrassed. They shall be surprised.

Whenever the bible talks about fish, it always has serious connection with or reference to human beings. In Luke 5:1-10, when Jesus started to name his disciples, he went to the Sea of Galilee and began his search from amongst the fishermen. He used the fish as the needed sign, and Peter and his compatriots in business believed and followed Jesus. As the fishermen diligently search the sea through the night for fish, so would the disciples search from Jerusalem, to the ends of the earth for lost souls. Peter realized that only by Jesus, he could catch the fish, and only by Jesus we can win souls to the church. God used the fish to transport stubborn Jonah to Nineveh (Jonah 1:17). I prophesy to you that God’s miracle will transport you to your destiny and your ministry in Jesus name. A spiritual fish shall carry you there. God will send a financial fish into your life. Jesus realized that men need to be searched for, loved and caught with joy as the fish, and so he used the expression, ‘fishers of men’. We should hunt for souls with the zeal and dedication and excitement as the fishermen toil for a good catch. When the bible is talking about fish with the money, the scripture is referring to a man. I prophesy that a man, a destiny helper will come into your life and your ministry that will bring great blessings and open doors, in Jesus name. There are people in your life who are carrying your money in their mouth. Command them to vomit your money. The AAGod, who saved Jesus and Peter from the cruel tax collectors, will save you today from shame and embarrassments. Jesus said to Peter, ‘I know we have anointing, but please, less we offend these people; make haste…’ By the power of the Holy Spirit, I deliver you from that impending financial embarrassment. Your enemies shall not disgrace you. I command the fish that is carrying your money, be it “government fish”, family fish, or company fish, wherever it is, I command it to vomit your money now, in Jesus name.

Finally, when the Lord has blessed you, and when the Lord has prospered you, don’t forget the Lord. Deuteronomy 8:18. Sow your seed first, the widow at Zarephath 1 Kings 17:7-16 gave her last and it never became the last. I invoke the hand of God upon you, as Peter did not throw the hook twice, but once, you shall not search endlessly, from pillar to post. You shall no longer knock from door to door again begging for attention but you shall command attention. People you don’t know shall favour your name. Because we are god, your name shall attract maximum favour anywhere it is mentioned. Receive your miracle in Jesus name. Amen.

Testimony Time Ify wrote Good evening my pàpa.. GOD has done it.. I went for a check up and was confirmed pregnant.. Can You recall you telling me to be fruitful when I begged you to just say a word to me… May GOD continue to bless you immensely

DrCI wrote

Welcome to the month of ¨April 2021. our month of Overflowing Testimonies where we shall come and give praise to God for his many blessings. May you be favoured.  I bless every Partner supporting us. it is well with you.

Concluding Prayer of God’s Sufficiency: Awesomely Awesome God, the way you empowered the talent of Peter, empower my skills. Let me not labour in vain. Let me not struggle like ordinary men. Connect me to my fish, my resources, my destiny helpers. I command the fish that is carrying my money to release them. The way Jonah was vomited to his destiny and his destination, Lord, cause me to have an encounter of a life time that will place me on top financially. I rebuked every devourer, every agent of darkness withholding my miracle; they shall vomit my blessings. Just as the fish did not swallow the coins, no one will swallow my miracles in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

Prayer School 

Awesomely Awesome God, thank you for bringing me to a new decade and another new month and a new Season. My month of Overflowing Testimonies because my overdue miracles shall be delivered speedily. Whatever is preventing my breakthrough is finally judge to give way and cleared off. I declare, no more stagnation in the name of Jesus. I shall command total breakthrough everywhere I go and experience a consistent growth, supernatural break forth and multiples of favour in all areas of life. It shall be stagnation, sickness free and crisis free month, poverty shall miss my dwelling and all my mockers shall dance and sing for me during my testimony time in Jesus name. Amen

Lord, I declare that, I am a favoured child of my Father God, therefore I shall not fail in life in Jesus name. My desire this April 2021 shall come to pass as I draw closer to you. Teach me how to have a relationship with you in the presence of the Holy Spirit to do business with you in the atmosphere of business as my Prince of Peace. Make me a change maker, business maker and career maker in Jesus name. Amen

Father, release your anointing in all the places this commission shall be ministering. Grant us wisdom and financial increase to make things happen. Father, through the spoken word continually heal the sick, save the lost and release the Power to raise the dead in Jesus name

Father Bless Daddy Uma Ukpai with wisdom and increase his anointing. Bless the wife and the children. Bless DrCI and anoint him as he plans another One Million man crusade, Uyo Miracle Convention 2021, and grant them both the grace to complete the project/assignment/ministry you committed into their hands. Bless all the staff of the comfortzone and UUEA.

Father, I stand to pray for my nation Nigeria (Pray for your nation). Lord, visit this nation once again and restore unto us the wasted years. Father, Heal our land. grant us caring leaders, leaders with vision and those who know what to do by your wisdom in Jesus name. Awesomely Awesome God, I declare I am blessed and fruitful. I shall experience spiritual stability, marital stability and financial stability, whatever i shall lay hands to do this April 2021 shall prosper in Jesus name.

Father, I am trusting you to whisper words of wisdom to my heart or put the resources in my path to help my family get back on track. For what you bring together no man can put asunder, I declare this in the deepest depths of my heart and am trusting your guidance. My marriage shall see opens door and favour this season. My marriage shall be heaven on earth without stagnation. Therefore, release uncommon marital favour upon my marriage and career this  April 2021, in Jesus mighty name.

Lord, let your mighty hand of favour uphold me in all my endeavors. You made a promise that if I pay my tithes and my first fruits, You will take away sickness and calamity and poverty from me and bless me beyond measures. Lord, as I give this month of April 2021 to support your work, I will not die like chicken, my family members will not die like cows. As I key into this revelation of financial wonder to be a consistent payer and giver especially this April 2021, let my blessings be manifested in grand style in Jesus name, Amen

Lord, restore to me everything the enemy had taken from me in the past years, restore my peace, my praise life, my dream, my motivation, my promised life of favour and distinction in Jesus name. The evil that happened in the country will not happen again in Jesus name

Father, you know the areas in my life where I need breakthrough. Help me to have patience amidst the highs and lows and the discernment to hear your voice regarding the steps I need to take. Help me to draw closer to you on this journey and to trust that you will release my breakthrough in your perfect timing. Therefore, Lord, turn my curses to blessing. Give me a notable and visible miracle this April 2021. I Break the curse of stagnation and let place of abode turn into blessing in Jesus name.

Father, enlarge my coast. Enlarge my opportunity to utilize my ability and enlarge me with more useful friends, customers and associates as destiny helpers in Jesus name

Father, Anoint me and announce me with divine presence daily this April 2021, and give me daily result in my entire endeavour. Renew your covenant of life with me. Keep and preserve me from all manner of evil invention and powers, in Jesus? name. Father, make me a giver and show me your glory this April 2021, the way you showed King Solomon as I support this commission in hosting One million man crusade and UYO miracle Convention 2021 to win souls for your kingdom and to heal our land. Grant me a residence in the place of vision and actualization. Make me a partaker in the place of intercession and promote me in a new way today. Let the heavens be open continually on my demand and let the eagle in me come alive today and begin to fly in Jesus? name. Amen

Written by DrCI


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