Should Christians Watch Violent Movies

Violent movies, action movies, violent video games or whatever name you may choose to call it, have been singled out as being among some of the bad influences on people especially younger kids with regards to violent behaviour. With incident incidents like mass shootings which seem to be on the increase I would like to pose a question to this christian community. Should we allow our kids or should we ourselves participate by watching and playing this violent action movies and games.

There are opposing views from christians. On one hand some say “there is nothing inherently evil or immoral with some amount of action violence in a movie. Especially if the movie, like Prince Caspian, uses such imagery to send some important moral lessons along the way” and if the good guys win in the end then there is a good moral to the story. Christians need to exercise discernment when it comes to the depiction of violence in the mass media. Impressionable people, especially children and teenagers, must proceed with caution. Perhaps they should stay away if they, or their parents, feel they are susceptible.

On the other hand some people quote various scriptures such as Proverbs 8: 13 ;The fear of the Lord is hatred of evil. Pride and arrogance and the way of evil and perverted speech I hate.

Exodus 20:13, ‚ÄúThou shalt not kill, and they see that as a reason to shun any kind of violence., including the fact that Jesus advocate peace, love and compassion. They ask the question Does violence express the Kingdom of God where the lion and the lamb shall lay down beside one another? Isn’t the message of the church about this very thing? Must we be *entertained* by violence, be it considered “justified” or not? In other words, must we have violence in our movies, video games, etc. to have quality entertainment? Don’t we get enough of this on the news, or do we now need this in our entertainment fantasy world as well?

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