A Pilgrimage Of Love

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John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

If you ever wish to know the love of God, look upon His Son, Jesus Christ. If you ever wish to know that God loves you personally look upon the life of Jesus Christ for it was lived for you, and look upon the death of Jesus Christ, the crown of thorns, the pierced hands and feet, the scourged back, the cruel mockery of men: it He bore for you and for me. What was the purpose of dying that death? It was to restore fellowship with God, that through Christ’s death we might have forgiveness and a continuous life of fellowship through continued forgiveness for this is truly the immeasurable quality of God’s love.

His grace so surpassed our understanding – Christ’s life and death has such infinite value that it paid the price for all the sin all men had committed, were committing or would ever commit – only each person had to turn to God and with outstretched and empty hands, accept this gift of love. Yet as Christians, we must never forget or get past the fact that the only fellowship we have or ever can have, is never on our own nor can we please God by what we do but only through Christ, in Him in heaven is our righteousness, our sanctification, or redemption, our salvation, our hope, yes our very life.

God wishes the very best for us – but the best for us is His will and in order to enjoy the blessings that He created in this world and life we must follow His plans. If we were lost and wished to find our way from where we were to the other side of a great complex of buildings and walks and parks we would eagerly take a map and guide made by the architect and builder of the place. We would even appreciate the notes of a person that had crossed before us.

From the beginning of time God has given man His word that he might have a map and advice how to walk through the pilgrimage from earth to heaven. The Holy Spirit has been the guide all the way. God told and showed us in his word where the blessings were on the way; long life, happiness, peace, prosperity, love, fellowship, etc… All we have to do is to follow God, follow His Word, but for some of us, this is too hard and obedience is difficult. Trust God! For He is true, faithful, unchanging in His Holy ways and His promises will stand forever.

We are also to love one another as God loved us. God loves us and will forever love us. It is a conscious act of our wills to do good to others, to seek their best interest. To love each other is not if we feel like it or if they are loveable or like us, or for what we might get in return. We must love others because we decide to do it. We should seek to be helpful and forgiving. We must see them through the very eyes of Christ. We must never forget that Christ died for them too.

We still sin and need forgiveness ourselves. God forgives us through Christ. What right do we have to withhold forgiveness to one for whom Christ died when God does not?

Do we set ourselves above God? Jesus didn’t say it would be nice if we had a lot of warm feelings toward each other and went around hugging and putting on. He commanded us to love one another as He has loved us. The more we know Jesus Christ and are more aware of His greatness and majesty and righteousness and holiness the better we see our own imperfections and temptations, yes our continuing sinfulness. We are continually made aware of our need to be thankful for God’s love in giving His Son for us. This is indeed the Gospel of Jesus Christ that we are responsible for sharing with the whole world.

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