Marriage 111

God‘s commandments are not to grieve you, but to groom you. Therefore, in order for your children not to give you heartache tomorrow, it is a must for you to sow seeds of proper upbringing in their lives.

For you to enjoy a lasting marriage, you must be totally committed to it. So many marriages today, suffer a lot of setbacks because of lack of total commitment. You will not suffer again in Jesus’ name!

God has said to you, “Be fruitful”, blocked fallopian tubes, low sperm count, or any such thing cannot stop that Word from coming to pass in your life.

As long as you are a child of God, you are entitled to the blessing of children. No matter what the doctors have diagnosed as being responsible, God is greater than man’s report.

Stop complaining to all who would listen, man cannot help you, only Jesus has a lasting solution. Don’t write off your marriage and home; Jesus is available to resurrect it back to honour and not shame

If you ever dream of building a sweet home, your words must correspond with the Word of God. Careless words must never be uttered, because such words have negative effects.

Murmuring and complaining can stop the flow of God’s blessings into your home. It is dangerous. Avoid saying, “This man, this woman can never change”

Single men and ladies, if you must enjoy honour in your family life when you get into marriage, you must lay a good and solid foundation for it by keeping yourself pure. You can save your marriage from torments, by keeping your life pure

Marriage provides a covenant platform for effectual prayer. Whatever a couple agrees upon in prayer, is done for them. Marriage gives you access to double victory, as a couple can put ten thousand to flight. Also, when one party is cold, the other is available to warn him up. When one is down, the other will lift him up. The ultimate in marriage is for the best in life, and you will get there.