Marriage 110

Don’t claim to be too busy for your children. Whatever seeds you sow in their lives today will bear fruits tomorrow. Take responsibility

Bitterness starts from very little things. Perhaps your spouse or a family member has done something to hurt you, and you refuse to forgive him or her. Every remembrance of the incident brings pain to you. Watch it! It can rob you of the honour that God has ordained for you in marriage

You lose your rest to bitterness. If you’re bitter against your spouse, when he or she is in the sitting room, you will want to be in the bedroom; there is usually no rest within you.

If you are a spouse that looks for faults in your marriage, you are looking for trouble. Proverbs11:29 startled me. It says: He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind: and the fool shall be servant to the wise of heart. Be wise

Husband, wife, it is true that you have acquired so much knowledge from the Word of God, but you must apply it correctly, if it must work for you because the Word of God does not work in the hands of the foolish!

Marriage is not a trap. Marriage Is For Good, Better and Best and for better for worse is not scriptural because marriage is not designed to be “for better for worse”

In marriage, whatever money you have belongs to both of you. Money has put many homes asunder; don’t let it put yours asunder.

Many Parents want to live out their dreams in their children. They want the child to be what they never could be. Others want to have a professional they can boast about: “My son is a doctor”. They compel the child to do what he has no liking and flair for. God is not a wicked God; He will not ask your children to do what He has not given them the ability to do.