Marriage 108

Many homes, today, are going through tension, not because the husband and wife are not Christians but because they are victims of foolishness. Ask God for marital wisdom.

Faith without actions is dead. The same applies to true friendship. Without actions, there is no true friendship. Let the communication in your home be seasoned with salt

Woman, watch your words! One word spoken in wisdom can dissolve any tension building up in your home. Similarly, one word spoken foolishly can destroy the peace in your home

God is the only source of joy, happiness and contentment in the family, changing spouse like changing clothes is not the solution to your contentment in the family. Looking for the latest models or harlots in town will never bring you contentment. God is the source!

Man, if you must not suffer the kind of dethronement Adam suffered, you must have your home directly under your control. If your family fails, it is your fault and you will be held responsible by God.

If any man fails in his responsibilities as a leader of the family unit, it leads to dethronement. You shall not fail!

Offences are bound to occur between a man and his wife, but it is not wise for any partner to just overlook things, whenever one is hurt by the other person. Apologise!

Some people find it difficult to apologize to their wives or children or family members, whom they had offended. God’s Word says: He that covereth his sins shall not prosper.

Sometimes, your prosperity lies in the hands of your family members whom you have offended. It could be your wife, husband, children or Parents.

Failure to admit your mistakes before your spouse, is an obstacle to intimacy in marriage.

God has given you the secret of a transformed marriage, go forth and enjoy it, in Jesus’ Name!