Marriage 107

In marriage, Honesty is greater than love

Be careful what you say to your teens; the words you speak will ultimately make or destroy your child’s future. Speak words of love, not of condemnation to them because their lives will be patterned after the words you speak.

God loves sacrificially and unconditionally; so loving your family members in the same way becomes a way of life for you. The godlier you become, the godlier your family becomes and the farther away crisis will be.

It is unfair for the husband to shift the responsibility of handling family finances to the wife. He may assign a portion of it to her, but should not abandon his responsibility. If the man has no job do whatever is laid in your mind and hand including selling ice water

The first thing God gave the man was not a wife but a job, a vision and an assignment. Therefore, anyone supporting you to get married first is part of your problems

It is a curse if the wife to take up responsibility of the man permanently in the home

Wives are not to be treated as slaves or inferior human beings, rather, they should be held in respect. Celebrate them if you don’t want trouble. A man that celebrates the wife will always have food on the table and on time.

Even if you happen to be married to a man whose level of understanding is lower than yours, remember Abigail (1 Samuel 25). Through her wisdom and understanding, she saved her home even though she had a foolish husband.

Identify your husband’s weaknesses, and help him to work on them. Learn to appreciate his good points, point out his mistakes in a kind and loving manner. This is God’s wisdom

Don’t ignore these vital words in marriage: Apology – “I’m sorry”, Appreciation – “Thank you” and Affection – “I love you”.

The grace to carry out your responsibility in your home can only be given by God. Do you need God’s grace in your life? Then surrender your life to Christ.

“Some time in 1990, my husband lost his job and from then, our struggles started. Later, a sister in Christ gave me some money to start a business. Since then, I began to ignore the teachings of the Bishop and his wife on pride, and no longer respected my husband. I insulted him whenever he talked to me, because I was the one fending for the family. He began to complain of the way I talked to him, saying that there was no sign to show that I was born again, that I was behaving like one of the worldly women.
Yesterday, I came for the International Women Convention, and there was a miming presentation on the use of the tongue. I learnt how to speak correctly to my husband, and regretted the indecent way I had treated him in the past. On reaching home, I knelt down to greet him and he was surprised, because I had not done that before. There and then, he believed that something good would come out of the convention.
Formerly, whenever he wanted us to have our morning prayers, I would shun him and tell him to say his own prayers, that I would pray whenever it pleased me. But this morning, I was the one that woke him and the children up for prayers.” – Omotosho, O.