ENTRY 13: The Invitation

ENTRY 13: The Invitation

Mojo is a young lady that has just given her life to Christ. Join her as she navigates this Christian walk. Catch up on Mojoyin’s story in her diary entry’s 1-12.

Dear Diary,

Hmm, because I missed church last week my phone has been inundated with calls from all my new friends there. 😁

Apparently, they are having their monthly barbecue on Saturday.💃💃

I asked Titi if she wanted to go and hangout.

“Hang out with your new friends? When I don’t even know you anymore?”🧐

“Me? What do you mean?”🤷

“You’ve changed😣. You won’t come out drinking with us anymore, you won’t hang out as much. Then this weird coziness with the Boss lady, now church?”😕

“But I’m still the same person”

“You may think you are, but you aren’t…its even in the little things… you don’t even gist the same.”

I stared at her.😳

She crossed her arms across her chest and stared back at me. “Men are scum”

“Where did that come from? ,🤨And not ALL men are scum” 🙄I said

“You see? Right there is the problem. It used to be fun gisting with you, now you take everything so…so seriously…”😫

“Titi, you sound angry.” I said


“But I’m right here.”😰

“No, you are not. Go and hang out with your church friends. I will be here waiting till they have dealt with you. The one they abandoned you three weeks ago will be child’s play.”

Ouch, 😔she didn’t have to go there.

“Wow Titi, my becoming a Christian is so abhorrent to you?”

“I don’t care what you believe, but when it begins to change who you are then I have a problem. Soon, you’ll feel too good for everyone else. Correcting every little thing we say or do.”

“But I don’t do that do I?”

“You will. It will be your duty to save the world. Not realizing that some of us do not want to be saved, we just want to be left alone!”

“Please don’t say that, Jesus loves you.”🥺

“Shut up Mojo! Have you not heard a word I said?”

“I did, I’m so confused. Are you saying we can’t be friends?”

“No, we can’t!” and she left the room.

Diary, I struggled. I won’t lie. I was irritated, I was hurt, I felt ambushed by her anger. Is this the persecution Jesus was talking about?

I prayed, asking for wisdom just like the book of James advised. It calmed me down sort of.

I found Titi in the empty canteen. “Titi, what exactly is going on?”

She turned away from me and was silent for a while. I noticed her tears. Titi does not cry. I sat down and held my friend.

“I was 9 or 10. One day, my father came home and announced that he was now saved. I didn’t understand. All I knew was that from that day, our lives became a nightmare. My Father saw evil everywhere. Mother and I were beaten for sins we committed real and imagined. He would lock us up and starve us till we repented. I loathed him and his salvation. He died 5 years later.

Mojo…, I want no part of your Jesus. I have seen its effects close. You are my best friend. I would rather walk away now than have you turn to a monster before my very eyes.”

We were both in tears when she finished. I have made some promises to her. God help me keep them.

She still isn’t coming for the barbecue or to church and that’s okay. It’s her journey, let God reach her.

I know I’ll be praying awfully hard.

Prov 14: 10 (NKJV) The heart knoweth his own bitterness; And a stranger doth not intermeddle with his joy.

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