Intimacy With God By Dr Uma Ukpai

Today teaching by Dr Uma Ukpai

A man that wants to explode in his destiny, for a man that wants to be all that God wants him to be, what are the two most important things he will need? The first one is intimacy with the almighty God. Men and brethren, there is nothing as powerful and as awesome as a healthy relationship with anybody. To me the most urgent thing of the hour; the greatest need of the hour is to have  intimacy with God.  I want you to write it down today as your goal, your dream, your desire, your plan to improve your relationship with God. Psalm 42:1-2. Can you imagine having a relationship with God; you will be amazed when you cry He will close shop and listen to you. When you are in need, hDr Uma Ukpaie will bring that need to you before you even ask.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing that is of greater importance than knowing this God intensivly and intimately.  Men can have money; men can own cars and buy houses but a man that has a healthy relationship with God surpasses all. As a child of God that wants to be an extraordinary person, the greatest in life is to have an intimacy with God.  Philippians 3:10 in my own words, the bible says that I may progressively know him; that I may be intimately be acquainted with him and continually understanding the deep things about him.; that I may understand the wonders of His name and power and his ability. 

Many of us like to place christian stickers on our cars, identifying us sometimes with the Churches we belong to, or telling the world that we are christians. But I wonder how many of us allow this sticker to control our actions and reactions in public. A man confessed that because of his
company’s logo license plate he could not react negatively or rudely when provoked when in traffic. He did not want to give people the wrong impression about his company.

Now if we were to wear God’s seal visibly on our forehead would it alter our behavior? Will it change the way we talk to fellow workers, people on the street and that neighbor who steps on our toes daily? Are we responsible as leaders whom the people have entrusted to be their servant? When we are filled with the Holy Spirit, it is as evident as having a nameplate saying we belong to Jesus. We are told that the Sanhedrin who had gathered to judge Peter and John were amazed and had to do some rethinking when they saw the boldness of the two disciples. They were ‘unlearned and ignorant men’, so only Jesus the Miraculous could have granted them such boldness and eloquence.

If you are nobody in the eyes of others, our God has interest in you. Therefore do not despise a man who has an intimate relationship with God; let nobody count him out. If satan pushes him down ten times, he shall bounce back ten times.  Philippians 3:8, Paul says whatever tickles me, whatever I visualize, whatever I fantasise, whatever I crave after and long after; are nothing to me compare to this great desire to know this awesome God. A man who was flying with us said to me that he was shocked to see me sleeping while the airplane was rumbling and with such great turbulence.

Times without number we want to befriend men but men are limited because there are things a man cannot do for you.  Time without number we want to do anything and everything to get that job, that position but do you know that you can get that job or that position without it meeting your needs. Your prayer must be Father I want to understand you and know you and recognise you and to be consciously aware of your presence. I don’t want to be an ordinary christian; I don’t want to pass through life without your peculiar concentrated presence.

As a child of God who has intimacy with God, you are the sanctuary of God. Problems as stubborn as a river shall see you and give way because your presence will intimidate your unfavourable circumstances. You are bound to have favour; favour before Angels; favour before God and Favour before men. 

Dr Uma Ukpai

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