Wednesday Encounter with Daddy Uma Ukpai  November 18th, 2015


Africans have no business with poverty and we are busy fighting one another.

Say to all your problems to sit down because you are about to praise and sing to God.

We are not a church because I was sent by God to build Unity Among the churches and cause the spark of revival in all the churches and God has honoured us over the years.

God wants to grant you 1000 blessings. He wants to do things that nobody has done in your family and around you. There is a plan to make you the main man and the main woman in your family and the ambassador to your village. From this night, you will make every witch and every wizard jobless.

TONIGHT IS YOUR NIGHT. Our simple message is to showcase the ability and the availability and the limitless power of our God. God will position you to do things that people say you will not do

Everyone here is an agent of change. Let us change our map and do the impossible. Deut 1:10-11 God has multiplied you 1000 times. We serve an Awesomely Awesome God

The enemy keep asking us how will God do this, and how will God do that  This God can use any destiny helper from any part of the world to help you realise your destiny. Tell yourself, the Power to multiply you is already in motion.

Whatever you are today, God is ready to multiply you 1000 times.

God can multiply your ability to help those who are helpless. Tell yourself the God of my father shall multiply me 1000 times.

Develop your spirit. That you are anointed is not enough. You must know how to withstand temptation in the absence of the crowd Judges 16:1,10,16-17.

The greatest is to have an amplify conscience that warns you to stay away from temptation.

There is power in forgiveness 1 Sam 24:10, we have to learn it, we have practise it. Nobody is good enough to be your enemy.  Whatever the enemy has taken from you shall be returned.

I want to announce this night, whoever has taken your name to any native doctor, that shrine will go up in flame. You are too dangerous for any enemy to handle

Psalm 119:11. You must learn how to hide the word of God in your heart.

Submission produces protection. Men yield to humility.

Jude 20

You must pray and speak in tongues.

1 Cor 14:4, Gen 39:7-9. Satan wants to know your price. Everytime God gives you a dream, satan brings a temptation.

Spiritual development is the best thing you need. Let God strengthen you.

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