Wednesday Encounter with Dr Uma Ukpai- TGIW September 9th 2015

Make a declaration this night “May God explode the seed of greatness in me

Let us say to God – (Singing) Do something new in my life. something wonderful in my life, something reasonable in my life oh Lord

For a man to be a star he must discover the dream God has given him. A dream is the ability to see tomorrow before tomorrow comes. A dream is ability to place demand on your creativity every day. Everyone here has a dream Jeremiah 1:5. A dream will remove distraction and will give you focus and direction

Purpose without pursuit leads to frustration. You must pursue it because only men of focus can make history. You must know your calling because God does not bless what he does not approve

How to know your calling in life: Number One: Passion for Your calling because a man of passion cannot be defeated. Number Two: Peace in your heart. Number Three: Faith. When God gives a vision he gives the provision

In life dont compare yourself with others Gen 37:5, 11. Envy is the rottenness of the bones Prov 14:30. Envy compels you to compare yourself with others

Failure has no brother, no sister, no cousin but I want to announce, your time to shine has come. That is why you must have a dream and pursue your dream because a dream is useless if not converted to action and unless you turn your dream into action, you are a pretender

If you celebrate those who are living in sin, you will become one of them. Don’t befriend somebody who is not productive. You must invest in good relationship. Look for those who can encourage you

We all grow by the opposite view. Those who say you are doing well, when you know you are not doing well are your enemies.

When men have spoken, go to God for a second opinion because we are working with a man that specialises in impossibility. Therefore, let no mountain discourage you

There are two types of people, the ones who when they run into a problem they break record others are broken forever. Therefore, every man of great dream is unstoppable. I declare, that dream in you shall not die. John 11:22

Philippians 4:6. Be Anxious about nothing. Be cheerful because your future is bright. No matter what you’re facing don’t let it be written on your face

Circumstances and problems are rulers of the weak but they are instruments in the hands of the wise. You can decide what your problem will do for you. Problems are not sent to destroy you but to make you. The bigger you are the bigger your problem will be. I Sam 1:6. I want you to hear me tonight, every problem that come your way shall now be your promotion.

There is Power in fasting. Let me announce, God wants to make you a commander of your circumstances.

Prophesy to your mountain ‘You mountain, you will soon be levelled by my God. You the army of my Egypt very soon you will exist no more

A brother I helped and housed gave my name and I was invited to speak in world conference. Therefore, there is somebody you are helping in your life that will take you to the next phase of your life. Therefore, turn your worry into worship. You shall baffle the watching world

In your hour of need may God tell you what to say. You are on your way to greatness. God knows the way that you take…. Even in your pain He knows

Men who spend more time with God on their kneels shall stand before any problem. What you must know: Number one: Your problem is not as big as satan has told you.
Number two: Anyone here who knows how to pray knows nothing that is impossible. Jacob wrestled in prayer with God all night. Genesis 32:24-28…. Spend more time with God

You are already a star. Therefore, every cloud and darkness covering you shall be lifted. Therefore, let your enemies stop dancing because God has not finish with you

Genesis 41:41-43… Those that didn’t like Joseph had to bow before him eventually. I declare, every enemy you have shall one day bow before you. I declare you candidate of greatness. May you recognise no impossibility. Every door the enemy has shut against you at your appearance shall open. Beginning today, each one shall become extraordinary people.

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