Wednesday Encounter with Daddy Uma Ukpai Feb 17th

Any demon contesting Gods, blessings to you shall tonight be arrested

I will show you how to confront your confrontation.

Daniel 9:2-5

In life the greatest is your ignorance of Gods ability, availability and the limitless boundless possibilities

You are struggling in finances because you have not discovered the secret of financial success.

You need knowledge, you need strategy to succeed in life.

Satan is determined to stop you from reaching your Canaan. That is why our work with God is not for lazy people.

I don’t know what promise, what dream God gave you,  that promise must be realise. You must be steadfast, you must be dependable and you must be faithful to God. Dan 9:6-8

When you approach God over failed promise, be honest with God to confess your sins. Heb 11:23-24. You need the gift of Faith that has no test or trial

By fasting you deepened your commitment and dedication to what you are looking for.

You must find out what he wants you to do.

You must demand that whoever seats on your prayer request must be arrested. Gen 32:24-28. The seventh level of intensity of Prayer is wrestling your prayer with God.

Joshua 6:1-6. That your buried dream must resurrect

There is something God is showing you

You need someone to provoke you, somebody to ridicule and mock you, that is what make Hannah to fast and pray.

Your problem may have lasted but your problem is not everlasting. Every set back is GOD set up for your breakthrough

It is not you and the Goliath, it is the God behind you

Father you said to Moses see, I have made you a god unto Pharaoh. Any ear blocked that cannot hear the voice of God shall be open tonight. Let tonight be a night of progression. Don’t allow us to murmur and grumble”

In every battle you shall fight you shall have commanding supernatural breakthrough. Witches will fear you. In Jesus name

I look forward to your beautiful testimonies

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