Wednesday Encounter with Daddy Uma Ukpai February 03, 2016

Testimony: When we prayed for Nigeria last year, a sister who had HIV got her healing and got married and now has a child. She and her child are declared clean. Give God Praise

Jesus came that you might be a great man.

Number One: when God gives you a spiritual gift, it is because your story may change

Number two: God gives you spiritual gift that your life will have Supernatural turnaround. A plus to your life. Your gift will publicise you 1Cor 12:21


You must have hunger to be used by God. My desire is that God will use you as a proof producer.

Gal 3:13-14 Esther 6:13. You must say because I am of the seed of Abraham in every battle I will ever fight, I shall have supernatural commanding victory

No enemy shall prevail against you


You are of the seed of Abraham.

I want to announce this night, I don’t care who your enemies are, if you are of the seed of Abraham, you shall be too dangerous for any enemy to handle

Ignorance has made us captives and when a King loses direction he becomes a captive but I want to announce that you will not lose direction


Isaiah 55:1  John 7:37. Anyone that hungers for healing, anointing, provision, protection.

You will no longer be an ordinary person

1Cor 12: 1-8  Isaiah 41:17-18. I declare tonight, you can become somebody

Those who mocks you because you demonstrate the power of God, when they are in need they will look for you. You will too favoured to be ignored

Number One: The Gift of Grace. Grace is the ability to rise above your weakness and rise above the weakness of your father’s house 1 Cor 15:10

Grace includes Wisdom. And wisdom is the ability to see tomorrow and to see satan strategy against you

Grace will sustain your commitment to God and enhance your steadfastness


Number Two. The Gift of Faith. A man that has the gift of Faith cannot believe that anything is impossible. Heb 11:23-24. We have been called by God to do the impossible.

The gift of faith empowers you to live a life of dominion. And to rule your circumstances. (Matthew 17:27)

It empowers the ability to dominate your word and speak things which does not exit and it will come to pass.

Number Three: Gift of Love.  1 Cor 12:7 – 1 Cor 13:1. How you know a man who is on his way to heaven is that he loves the household of God.

1 John 3:16. There is no native doctor that has Power

The Gift of love will bring you the gift of giving. No matter what your wife or husband has done you must forgive them. Heaven demands that you love.

Whatever you do must bring honour to God

The standard is Love. I want to say that the man you hate most has what you need most. Therefore, a man that fights his brother cannot receive Power

Number Four: Gift of wisdom Prov 7:4, Prov 24:3-5, Prov 18:3-8, James 3:15.

No man who is a wise man will have a failed marriage

You need wisdom to know how to handle your enemies and how to handle your success. Do I have anyone here who desires a spiritual gift. Say to God, don’t pass me by


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