Devotion: May 08-’22 My Victory Story

Welcome to the Decade of Supernatural Exploits, Our Year of Promotion, the month of Multiplied testimonies that will restore double portion of glory and honour to me and the Season of Unlimited Harvest. Follow us on bublr, Facebook and Youtube 

Declaration for May: Father God, this month of May 2022 is declared my month of multiplied testimonies. For every shame in any area of my life, I declare, double portion of glory and honour shall be restored to me (Isaiah 61:7). Father, by my engagement with this commission, everywhere I may have been pitied and mocked, I shall now become the envy of men in a double portion dimension, in Jesus name. Amen.

Weekly Partners Declaration: This is my week of special encounter with greatness. I receive grace to command attention. I shall not stumble or fumble in creativity. As I partner with this commission, my destiny helpers shall take position and locate me to deliver my divine packages in Jesus’ name! Amen.


Bible Study: My Victory Story

Concluding Prayer

Worship song for Today: What do You believe in?

Prayer School

Daily Wisdom Devotion: My Victory Story

John 9:24-25, Judges 11:2-7, John 4:7-30, Luke 4:18-22, 2 Corinthians 10:5, Daniel 11:32, 2 Samuel 12:24

Men and brethren, you cannot deny your history but God can rewrite and change your story because everyone has a story, The Victory Story of Your Life. The great thing about life is that no two stories are the same. For instance, the story that says you are finished. You have passed the age of fruitfulness. The story that says you can never make it in life because your parents never made it. The story that says you will die premature. The story that says you will never marry because of your background. I am sent as a Prophet to speak to you today that God will change the sorry story of your life to Glory.

Let me say that there are billions of people in this world and none are like you. You are unique. Your entire life journey including your upbringing, challenges, your hard learned lessons, your experiences, achievements and gifts, are all a series of footprints that have brought you to this very moment in time.

The Samaritan woman was telling Jesus the story of Abraham and hid the story of her life, her own sorry story. But Jesus was not there to condemn her but to set her free from her own history and grant her the opportunity to drink from the living water. When her eyes opened to the truth, “The woman said to him, “Sir, give me this water so that I won’t get thirsty and have to keep coming here to draw water.” John 4:7-30

We all have those stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, the ones we have been telling ourselves for years about who we are, why we have the experiences we have, what explains the things that happen to us, and how our pasts have influenced our current lives. Sometimes these stories are positive, as in “I’ve been through so much and I’ve come out the other side a stronger person” or “I’m a really great friend” and others are not so positive, such as ‘I’ve always been lonely” or “I’m not creative. “These stories inevitably stem from actual experiences we’ve had, whether having our attempts to be creative criticized or from repeatedly being told that we’re a good friend, but whether positive or negative, our personal narratives never tell the entire story of who we are. You may be a great friend much of the time, but there are times when you’ve not been; you may have felt a lot of loneliness in your life but there have been lots of times when you’ve felt connected, too. Sometimes we allow others to tell our stories and we are stuck from the negative experiences like Jephthah. Every person you walk or drive past on the street has their own story. Every person in front of you in line at the shopping mall has their own story. Every friend and work colleague in your life has their own story.

What is the story of your life? Many of us have stifled our life by heeding some misguided critic who implied we were not good enough, forgetting that failure is an event, not a person. The brothers of Jephthah the Gileadite told the sorry story of how his mother was a harlot even though he was a mighty warrior. They said to him and to any who cares to listen “You are not going to get any inheritance in our family,” they said, “because you are the son of another woman” Judges11:2. But they remembered Jephthah when they were in trouble Judges 11:7. I decree, all those who have told sorry stories about your life shall come begging you for assistance; they shall come asking you for a favour, the Lord shall make you their head.

Right where you are, the people who get us deserve us. The people who don’t like our stories are welcome to keep looking. We don’t need them, and we’ll get stronger when we glide right past them on our paths. The truth is that, life will constantly test your resolve and level of commitment. Therefore, never let success get to your head and never let failure get to your heart.

Every great story involves a problem or challenge to be solved by the characters of the story. An interesting challenge is what turns a boring list of everyday events into an interesting and exciting story for others to see and appreciate. The challenge creates tension and you can discover who you are and pass on valuable life lessons when you tell your story. Therefore, whoever has experienced the power of God has a story to tell. Telling your story is the easiest way to preach the gospel. People may argue with your message, but they can’t argue with your experience. When God backs up your story with grace, it has the power to birth faith in a lost soul. Like the blind man who had waited many years for a miracle “Then again called they the man that was blind, and said unto him, Give God the praise: we know that this man is a sinner. He answered and said, Whether he be a sinner or no, I know not: one thing I know, that, whereas I was blind, now I see.” John 9:24-25. The greater the difficulties we have overcome, the more powerful our stories are for evangelizing. God can turn our experience into a salvation story for others.

Jesus opened the book and read the scriptures that concerned him and then he declared his own story “Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.” Luke 4:18-22. Your next level of achievement and glorification is waiting for you to tell your story. Why? The mouth is created to talk, when it does not talk, it smells. Your mouth is the trumpet of your future, the speaker that manifests your intentions.

What do you believe and why do you believe it? What do you know and why do you know it? We know with our hearts. Our body tells us what we know. Our mind processes and decides based on old information. It’s time to create the story we want to live in to. And become that story ourselves. It’s time to not be afraid. To listen again. And know that anything—everything—is possible.

All of us have a point of view on the things that happen to us that we articulate in form of a story about our lives. We story family struggles, the loves of our lives, friendships, and ups and downs of circumstance and the ways we manage them. We even story the funny things that happen to us through the day. Our stories disclose our goals and aspirations, fears, identity and self-worth, the roles we choose to play in life, the way we handle adversity and the values and beliefs that we hold dear. We may not choose what happens to us, but the stories we give to experience are ours alone. In summary,

Number One: Consider our thoughts and feelings, even the ones that you may be trying to avoid or deny. We have to put them under subjection to the word of God. 2 Corinthians 10:5, 1 Corinthians 15:27,

Number Two: Generate the understanding and meaning from this process of knowing who you are in Christ. This process will open you to the role that best serves the aims, goals, and purpose of your whole life. ”Who are you?” is the question here. You may decide that you need to exercise more self-oriented aims at this stage of your life. Perhaps, you decide that a complete game change is wrong for you, because you’ve been living the life that feels most authentic to you. Jephthah knew he was a mighty man of valour, he has the secrets that the town was looking for, he knows the answer to the questions, he knows God. Daniel 11:32

Number Three: Pick up on the stories already inside of you that perhaps you have forgotten, missed, or lost. These stories that have been in pushed into the background of your awareness often contain aspects of your personality that you can use to start a new chapter in your life. Reach deep inside of you to find parts, put them together and run with them. We all encounter transitions in our lives when we must struggle to make sense of the dots of our past. We make decisions to either wallow in their disarray, sweep them into the dustbin and start over, or carefully arrange them into some semblance of order. And there is order if we sharpen our pencils and do the work. The work of crafting our story. There comes a point when we choose to no longer suffer with the guilt or regret of our past and to brush away the dust to find the lessons. Then we move forward. That is the work. “Then David comforted his wife Bathsheba, and he went to her and made love to her. She gave birth to a son, and they named him Solomon. The Lord loved him” 2 Samuel 12:24

The story framework that results from these three steps should serve as a bridge to your future. This is the story line that will be most instrumental to your personal growth. How will you know it? Your gut resonates deeply with your story. Yes, that’s right, you will say. And, your whole body will relax in response to it. Don’t behave like a zero when God has made you a hero. Satan is not intimidated by the size of your bible or how many times you attend church. He is intimidated by your character and by your confession. He knows when you have not submitted yourself to God. Holiness is not necessarily the absence of sin but the presence of repentance. Saul disobeyed God and David committed adultery and murder. The difference between these two stories is that while Saul was too proud, David was repentant.

Finally, you are more than the culmination of your past misfortunes and present dire circumstances. We must connect the dots of our life lest we wander and suffer. They consist of our core values, scattered with the breadcrumb trail of our decisions, a sprinkling of our hope and trust for what is possible, bound together by a thick black line of acceptance for what we cannot change and allow God to turn our mess into a message to our greatness. And “We can say, I was blind, now I can see. I was in lack and now I have in surplus; I was barren but now, I am a mother of children”.

Testimony Time

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DrCI wrote

Wow!!! Welcome to the month of May 2022, our month of Multiplied testimonies that will restore double portion of glory and honour to us. It is a season where heaven shall increase all the blessings of 2022 in overwhelming surplus. Your results shall dazzle all your mockers in grand style, no matter the threats or demonic manipulations. I bless every Partner supporting us. I declare you awesomely favoured.

Concluding Prayer of My Victory Story: My Dearest Awesomely awesome God. I cannot hide the story of my life from you because thou knowest. Turn my sorry story around to My Victory Story. And let my lamentation be turned into laughter and pain into pleasure. I thank You for Your forgiveness and for the gift of eternal life. I humbly submit myself to Your will in every area of my life, and I ask You to make me into the person You want me to be. Show me how my life can be a blessing to others, and give me the courage to tell others about my story of Your saving grace in Jesus’ powerful name I pray, Amen.

Prayer School

Awesomely Awesome God, thank You for bringing me to a new decade, new month and a new Season of Glorification. My month of Multiplied testimonies that will restore double portion of glory and honour to me in grand style. Whatever is preventing my breakthrough shall not escape the visitation of Heaven this month. I declare, no more losses, no more stagnation in the name of Jesus. I shall be enthroned and celebrated everywhere I go and experience a consistent growth, supernatural break forth and multiples of favour in all areas of life. It shall be stagnation, sickness free and crisis free month, poverty shall miss my dwelling and all my mockers shall dance and sing for me during my testimony time in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Lord, I declare that I am a favoured child of my Father God, therefore I shall not fail in life in Jesus’ name. No witch or wizard will truncate my destiny. Father God, my desire this May 2022 shall come to pass as I draw closer to You for my empowerment. Bless my vow. Teach me how to have a relationship with You in the presence of the Holy Spirit to do business with You in the atmosphere of business as my Prince of Peace. Make me a change maker, result-oriented believer, business maker and career maker in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Father, release Your anointing in all the places this commission shall be ministering. Grant us wisdom and financial increase to make things happen. Father, through the spoken word continually heal the sick, save the lost and release the Power to raise the dead in Jesus’ name.

Father Bless Daddy Uma Ukpai with wisdom and increase his anointing. Bless the wife and the children. Bless DrCI and anoint him as he plans and host another One-Million-Man crusade, Uyo Miracle Convention 2022, and grant them both the grace to complete the project/assignment/ministry You committed into their hands. Bless all the staff of the Comfortzone and UUEA.

Father, I stand to pray for my nation, Nigeria (Pray for your nation). Lord, visit this nation once again and restore unto us the wasted years. Father, Heal our land. grant us caring leaders, leaders with vision and those who know what to do by Your wisdom in Jesus’ name. Awesomely Awesome God, I declare that I am blessed and fruitful. I shall experience spiritual stability, marital stability, and financial stability; whatever I shall lay hands to do this April 2022 shall prosper in Jesus’ name.

Father, I am trusting You to whisper words of wisdom to my heart or put the resources in my path to help my family get back on track. For what You bring together no man can put asunder, I declare this in the deepest depths of my heart and am trusting Your guidance. My marriage shall see opens door and favour this season. My marriage shall be heaven on earth without stagnation. Therefore, release uncommon marital favour upon my marriage and career this May 2022, in Jesus’ mighty name.

Lord, let Your mighty hand of favour uphold me in all my endeavours. You made a promise that if I pay my tithes and my first fruits, You will take away sickness and calamity and poverty from me and bless me beyond measures. Lord, as I give this month of May 2022 to support Your work, I will not die like chicken, my family members will not die like cows. As I key into this revelation of financial wonder to be a consistent payer and giver especially this May 2022, let my blessings be manifested in grand style in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Lord, restore to me everything the enemy had taken from me in the past years, restore my peace, my praise life, my dream, my motivation, my promised life of favour and distinction in Jesus’ name. The evil that happened in the country will not happen again in Jesus’ name

Father, You know the areas in my life where I need breakthrough. Help me to have patience amidst the highs and lows and the discernment to hear Your voice regarding the steps I need to take. Help me to draw closer to You on this journey and to trust that You will release my breakthrough in Your perfect timing. Therefore, Lord, turn my curses to blessing. Give me a notable and visible miracle this May 2022. I Break the curse of stagnation and let my place of abode turn into a blessing in Jesus’ name.

Father, enlarge my coast. Enlarge my opportunity to utilize my ability and enlarge me with more useful friends, customers, and associates as destiny helpers in Jesus’ name.

Father, Anoint me and announce me with divine presence daily this May 2022, and give me daily result in my entire endeavour. Renew Your covenant of life with me. Keep and preserve me from all manner of evil invention and powers, in Jesus’ name. Father, make me a giver and show me Your glory this May 2022, the way You showed King Solomon as I support this commission in hosting One-Million-Man crusade and UYO miracle Convention 2022 to win souls for Your kingdom and to heal our land. Grant me a residence in the place of vision and actualization. Make me a partaker in the place of intercession and promote me in a new way today. Let the Heavens be open continually on my demand and let the eagle in me come alive today and begin to fly in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Father God, my declaration today and all through this May 2022 is covered by the blood of  Jesus and in partnership with your servants, I have overcome the devil, my Red Sea, my problems by your blood and by my declaration in Jesus name I pray. Amen and Amen.

Written by DrCI

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