The Mechanics and the Dynamics of “Seed” By Mike Murdock

inspirational message

inspirational message

-Your seed is anything you have received from God that you can sow into someone else.

– Words are the seed of feeling

– God always gives you something to begin your future.

– Everything you have is your seed or your harvest.

– A seed of nothing guarantees a season of nothing.

– When you increase the size of your seed, you increase the size of your harvest.

– When you get involved with God’s dream, He will get involved with your dream

– Your seed must have instruction and must have faith

– Your seed is anything that blesses another person.

– Your seed must be planted into good soil.

– Your seed must be wrapped with your faith.

-The regularity of your sowing determines the regularity of your reaping.

– You do not owe your harvest to another.

– Waiting always follows sowing. Nobody sows and reaps.

– The Law of Seed, Time and Harvest is to document your faith in God.

– Your seed is your investment toward change.

– Your seed is a portrait of your faith in God.

– Your seed is not enough to be your harvest anyway.

– Your seed is powerless until it enters a covenant with the soul.


Mike Murdock