Sunday Watch January 31th, 2016

In this last Sunday of the month of January and the year 2016, God will rebrand you and turn your captivity around. Psalm 126:1-6

Gen 8:22. As you sow your financial seed, Your harvest is guaranteed

Whatever issue is special to you is deliver to you today and the oppression of the wicked one is declared over today. Your miracle job will emerge this week

Understanding the utmost purpose of Prayer and fasting

Isaiah 58:5-6. To break every yoke of the enemy Luke 4:14, 18-19

Empower to command special miracles. Empowered to operate in the realms of the supernatural and experience it in our lives. Today you shall take delivery of what belongs to you.

Everything call incurable will be humiliated today

The highest degree of madness recognises fire

Everything growing in your life not planted by Jesus shall be consumed by fire

Your withheld womb shall be fruitful

Expect everything dying or dead in you to bounce back today. You are going to be visited by God today

Net breaking, boat sinking, undeniable breakthroughs are coming your way

Every time you encounter his power, you are entitled to see his Glory Psalm 63:1-2, Luke 5:26, Isaiah 28:21-22. Your encounter today will launch you into supernatural supply. Everyone that is tortured by the enemy shall be liberated today

What does it take to secure the acts of God in my life – to secure my miracles

  1. Locate your city of refuge and abide there   2Sam 7:10, Obadiah 1:17 Prov 27:8, deut 12:13 when we remain we can no longer be tormented, Psalm 132:14-15
  2. We must identify our God ordained shepherd Jer 3:15-16 and stay under his covering. It is a risk to be without a shepherd
  3. you must keep feeding on the word 1 Tim 4:13, 15
  4. we must be committed to a prayerful life Matthew 12:42-45, Prov 24:10. Prayer is needed to maintain the blessings of God for your life
  5. we must be committed to serving God in any capacity. It is God’s blessings that averts causes Exodus 23:25-26, Matt 6:33

In the name of Jesus every good that drops for you shall be there for life.

The siege over your marital destiny is over. Every evil pursuing you stops today. God will decorate you with testimonies

This new week the beginning of a new dawn in your life in Jesus name

Everyone seating on your destiny will be unseated with humiliation