Sunday Watch September 25th, 2016

In this Restoration Banquet service, let there be massive restoration into your life. I announce to someone here, this is your day of restoration.

Psalm 126: 1- 6, today your mouth will be filled with laughter

On the way to my high places. Every child of God is designed with a colourful destiny I Cor 2:9, Joel 2:1-2. Isaiah 60:15. God will make you an eternal excellency.

Your history is not as important as your destiny. If you can look forward, you will see a greater future.

But you need the HolySpirit 1 Cor 2:10, 12-14

John 16:13 you will not be ignorant of the future.

How does God lead us

Number one: through the witness of the Holyspirit: Rom 8:16. Acts 16:6-7. Acts 27:10-11. Acts 20:22-23 obey the restriction in the spirit so that you will not meet disaster on the way. 2 Cor 3:17

Psalm 32:8 Heb 10:15 guiding and witnessing to us. Receive the sensitivity to pick every witness of the spirit be given to you

Number Two: through the ministry of teaching priest. 2 Chro 15:3-5 they give us divine direction by two major ways:  Order the steps of people in the word of God Neh 8:8, Jer 3:15, Acts 20:28, Psalm 119:105. 2Cor 3:18 and open your ears to Gods voice Isaiah 30:20-21. Psalm 29:3.

Benefits of divine guidance

Number one: a tension free life.  Psalm 25:9, 12-13  Prov 3:17 when there is too much tension, check your direction. Because tension will always run against motion. No man will get to his destination without direction

Number two: supernatural command. Isaiah 45:1-4 it is direction that Gods gives that gives birth to dominion. You become the center of attention. I declare, you will dominate in every area of life

Today is your comprehensive restoration. It is the will of God for the redeem. You are packaged for restoration. After recovery, you will have restoration. Prov 6:31. Joel 2:24-26. People may restore things but only God can restore time.

How God restores

He restores time by giving time

God amplify gifts. He will give you a miracle that no one can imagine luke 1, Matt 11:11

God restores time by giving speed.

How to be qualified for restoration

Number one: Be born again Rom 3:23  Rom 8:29-30

Number two: return to the lord in full repentance Job 22:22-25. Job 42:10 The only solution to offence is repentance

Number three: seek revelation of the word in the areas of your challenge.

I see God restoring you supernaturally.