Sunday Watch September 20, 2015

Declare Psalm 124:1-8. Our help is in the name of the Lord who made Heaven and earth. Gods help will locate your family today and by the anointing every yoke shall be destroyed today.

God will engage you that no employer will ever reject you

Every family where things are not working well or not working at all: It is captivity. Therefore, any form of captivity or slavery, whatever seems to have been ravaging your family, today is declared your day of rescued.

Any demonic chains that make you labour without anything to show, under the anointing, they are turn into a testimony. Heb 2:3. Our escape is in the word. When you are lighted, darkness cannot handle you anymore, therefore today, the word that will set you free forever is released on your life.

Today make a demand that the light of God will shine on your family. Make specific demand.

Isaiah 10:27 Every yoke on your neck, your family is declared destroyed by the anointing today.

Catching the vision of God for your life, recognising that redemption has changed your lineage. John 1:12. Eph 2:19 You are now a member of the household of God. 2 Cor 5:17. Your family root is also changed and makes you a member of Gods family. Therefore whatever holds you in your biological lineage is now changed. What obtain in that family no longer obtains.

Gal 3:13-14 You have been disconnected from Family woos and calamity
The family misfortune has no hold upon you because your lineage has changed.

Every hereditary disease is drop off from your life. Because you are a new creation. You need that consciousness that your lineage has changed.

You cant be in two places at the same time.
Salvation is not an ideology but an experience. Numbers 23:23. I decree, you will not see the finger of the devil on your life again. Eph 1:21. Every form of torture on your destiny, and family, I command your instant rescue now.

“Redemption has repositioned you to thread upon serpents and scorpions Luke 10:19 You need the far above mentality. No agent of the devil will stand on your path”

There is no devil or madness that does not know fire. Therefore from today, the word-fire will consume your tormentors. Jeremiah 20:9

Your liberty is the product of your insight. You are ordained to be save and thine household Acts 16:30-31. Redemption guarantees the escape of your family also. Obadiah 1:21. Your presence here today will result in the salvation of your household. Gen 1:26-28. Whatever that has been tormenting your family from generation to generation shall cease today. Isaiah 10:25. Everything that won’t let you go must crash today.

Acts 10:24- Gen 45:5,7 you are save to save your lineage. You are sent to preserve your lineage.

The reason you are save is to bring others to God


Isaiah 53:4 God has carried our sicknesses.

Matt 8:16-17

Healthy living is a core aspect of our redemption. Acts 10:38. Sickness does not come from God. God will not give poison to his children. Sickness is a poison. Healthy living is your right in redemption. Psalm 105:37, Deut 8:4. Rom 2:28-29. Every child of God is a spiritual Jew. Every child of God is a seed of Abraham Gal 3:29, Exodus 15:26. Whatever represents sickness or disease is rooted out right now

You are an Ambassador Christ. A faithful ambassador is entitled to healthy living. 2 Cor 5:19. Therefore, sickness is curse in your life right now and drops off you now

Exodus 23:25-26. Isaiah 14:27. Serving the lord forbids barrenness and every victim of miscarriage you are liberated right now

One million witches cannot cut down your days because the number of your days God will fulfil. Eph 6:6. If you sustain your tempo in serving God, it is bye bye to sickness, disease and lack forever. John 15:2. Gods integrity is to keep you fit. Today that sickness and disease that is harassing you is over forever. Prov 4:22

Place yourself on daily dosage of the word because the more you stay on the word, the healthier you live. 2 Pet 1:4

Keep speaking right
Keep rejoicing. Prov 17:22, Prov 18:14

Hospital is a place of sorry. The more sorry, the more sorrow. Keep the devil off your territory. The key to healthy living is: Keep speaking right and Keep rejoicing. Prov 17:22, Prov 18:14. Every generational curse working against your destiny and family is destroyed today

Give thanks to God because your lineage is free at last and the end has called for every ordeal in your family.