Sunday Watch September 18th, 2016

Welcome to the covenant day of breaking Generational curses. I decree, every generational curses upon anyone here shall be humiliated.

Psalm 126:1-6.  Emphasis is that God will turn your captivity around. As you partner with this commission, testimonies shall become your identity. Every assault to your life comes to an end in the name of Jesus

As your seed is cast today for kingdom advancement, your harvest shall answer to you. It shall answer for you supernaturally. Your seed shall be prosperous in Jesus mighty name

Every operation of the wicked one is coming to an end today. By his word, you are free and free indeed. Today shall be a day for divine encounter for every one of you. It shall be a day you shall live to remember. Every battle against your life is declared won today. Isaiah 10:27. Every curse shall be broken of today.

Heb 6:10. Every one who has partnered with us. I decree your open reward. It shall impact on every aspect of your life. Your mockers will turn around to envy you.

Our commitment guarantees a reward but our continuity brings our enthronement. Luke 22:28-30. John 4:36.

The ultimate of every move of God is the rise of Giants.

Jer 30:19-21. Every time the church grows, God glorifies the partakers

Get excited with your commitment because that is the highway of great places. Deut 28:1. Spiritual stewardship Prov 14:23 Gal 6:8. Therefroe, be openely enthroned in the name of Jesus.

Topic: On the way to my high places. The most high God will give birth to the most high children.

Breaking old records and setting a new one.

Matthew 5:13-15 we need high place mentality to make the most of our journey.

Gen 12:2, God got Abraham started at 75. Exodus 3:10. Moses at the age of 80 was recruited. David started at age 17.

Deut 32:12-13. God lead him to their high places. Divine guidance is a vital key to accessing our high places in life. Isaiah 45:1-3.

How God leads….

Number one: through the voice of the Spirit.. John 15:13-14. The spirit of God is a speaking spirit. I pray, the lord will destroy every form of spiritual deafness and from now you will hear God clearly. The voice will always lead to testimonies Psalm 29:4-9. John 10:4-5, 27. In these last days you will be messed up if you don’t know gods voice. When you hear from God, doubt is destroyed and your confident is inbuilt. The voice shall give you a place in destiny

Number Two: Through heavenly visions. Joel 2:28-29

Nobody who believes God today will go away with any curse remaining in your life. Today, every generational curse shall return to sender. Acts 26:19, Habakkuk 2:1-3

You are the next beneficiary online to receive heavenly vision.

Some of the benefits include supernatural Joy: Psalm 89:15.

Gen 13:14. You cant see your colourful future and be depressed.

Number 2 benefits- Is divine favour. Gods guidance will always attract supernatural favour. Psalm 23:1,6. Psalm 105:37, Exodus 12:36. Favour accompanies Gods leading. I decree, you will be finding favour from today. What others struggle for shall come to you like a dream of the night.

Zech 1:21 whatever the enemy has scattered in your life and family shall be re-gathered today. Every curse on anyone’s family is declared over today.

By the anointing today, every spell resisting your advancement in life shall be destroyed today. Numbers 23:23. Rom 2:28-29 Matt 13:28. Every curse of the enemy is a work of the enemy. 1 Sam 17:43

How to break generational curses

All curses are reversible. 1. Through prayer and fasting. I chronicles 4:9-10. Jabez was on the curse of Sorrow, stagnation and failure and God intervened. Matthew 17:21, Isaiah 58:6.

2. Through faith filled declaration. Luke 21:15. David opened fire on Goliath. 1 Sam 17:46. You need it to silence the enemy. Psalm 81:10-11

3. through the Blood of Jesus. Zech 9:11-12, Exodus 11:1, the blood is judgement engaging weapon Rev 12:11. Exodus 11:1, the blood is the Gods last card. Exodus 12:33

4. through kingdom stewardship. blessings are the cure for curses. Exodus 23:24-26. serving God invokes Gods blessing Job 36:11, Numbers 23:7-8, 20

5. through Prophet sacrifices  2 Samuel 24:24-25. Mercy shall show up to you. Make a sacrifice at a cost. You can find your way out through Holy ghost prompted sacrifice.

6. Through the engagement of the ministry of the Prophet Hosea12:13

You are walking into liberty today”