Sunday Watch September 11th, 2016

Welcome to the financial fortune banquet service. You shall have a glorious destiny

Psalm 112:1-10

God is the giver of the seed and the multiplier of the seed. Luke 6:38. I declare, your running over dimension of your blessing is coming your way this week-

The only way to enter Gods presence is to give him thanks and praise. Tell God to send you his turnaround word today. I pray let every financial turmoil, uproar, tension come to an end.

Divine direction and today in financial fortune.

Isaiah 48:21 John 10:27. Matthew 4:19. Luke 10:7 Only followers will maximise what they are taught. Workers are paid but followers are made. goodness and mercy shall follow you as long as you follow the lord Proverb 14:23, luke 10:7

Psalm 23:1,5-6.  There is no true follower without something outstanding to show. Following God move you from glory to Glory.

Malachi 4:1 the world is in crises. We need to escape before the mountain is engulf with fire. Matthew 24:7-8, 21. Good news. Malachi 4:2. You shall be openly exempted Psalm 33:18-19. Psalm 37:18-19. In the days of famine you shall be satisfied. Heb 2:3. We escape by the word.

2 Cor 9:8. Financial fortune is having grace sufficient for all things.

Prov 10:22. Beginning from now every financial tension will lose its grip off your life. 2 Cor 9:11. Having access to his riches in glory Phil 4:19

Deut 15:6

Seven keys to a world of financial fortune

If you don’t have the key your access to the house is impossible

  1. Be spiritually minded: Amos 3:3, Gen 24:1, 3 John 1:2 prosperity is a function of spirituality. Example of greatness. Job 1:1-3, 8. If you be spiritual you have established the platform for God to keep blessing you- Job 2:9-10. 1 Kings 3:3, 1 Kings 11:1, 9-11, 14, 23, 25, the only way to access and secure supernatural prosperity is to remain spiritual. It is your depth of spirituality that will determine the level of prosperity that God will entrust into your hands. Any blessing that will hurt you wont come to you, so you need to develop spiritually. Develop spiritual capacity. Have a sure foundation. Zech 5:4. We have to be spiritual for giving to work. 2 Tim 2:19. 1Tim 4:8, Gen 14:23, Jer 17:11. Spirituality remains the strong foundation for supernatural prosperity. 2 Cor 6:17, 2 Cor 4:4. Matt 17:27, John 6:11, Grace to remain on God side all the days of your life, receive it today
  2. Engage in covenant practice. Abraham was a die-hard giver. Job was a spiritual man and also a giver. Job 29:4-8. Only sowers are entitled to harvest. Deut 8:18. Gods prosperity plan is a covenant and you have to play your part. Gen 8:22 Phi 4:15, 18-19, 2 Cor 9:6-8, 11. It is not enough to be spiritual, you must be a seed sower- a tireless giver. Sowing and reaping is giving and receiving. Prov 11:24-25. Luke 6:38, it is giving that will launch you into financial fortune. You need a bailout truth to change your life. Act 20:35, Prov 28:27. Somebody is changing levels today. Lev 27:30 Malachi 3:10. Tithing is a covenant obligation for anyone that wants financial fortune. Gen 14:20. John 8:39. Matthew 23:23, Heb 7:8
  3. Kingdom promotion investment 1 Kings 8:17-18. The church must not be identify with poverty but you need to have the heart to give. You are blessed to be a blessing and not a consumer Gen 12:2. You have a platform here to be a blessing.
  4. Walk in financial integrity: Job 2:9 He was a man of integrity to his home and to others. Prov 28:20. No playing on people and lying to get money. Simple truth Jer 17:11. Prov 20:7. It takes integrity to walk in financial fortune. God does not bless the crooked. 2 Kings 5:26. Dan 1:8- it takes integrity of heart and purpose to prosper.
  5. Be committed to be a Blessing: Gen 12:2-3, Luke 12:48. Be a blessing to humanity. Gen 22:18. Gal 3:29. Be a distributor Prov 11:24-25 the more you give out the more comes in. you cannot be blessed beyond your determination to be a blessing. 2Chro 16:9 they may laughed you to scorn today but you will become the envy tomorrow. Rev 1:18.
  6. Be committed to Divine Guidance: Gen 12:1-3. A man without a known identity to a global identity. You will never miss your access in Jesus name Gen 26:1-2, 14. God turned him to an envy of the world. Deut 32:13. When God leads you, you don’t suffer lack and want. Isaiah 48:21. From today you shall supernaturally be guided to blessings. Let God lead you, stop leading yourself. Psalm 23:6. Isaiah 58:11. Luke 5:5-6 frustrated Peter offered his boat to God, he got net breaking, boat sinking order of breakthrough. Be committed to divine guidance. Luke 6:38 is an instruction Mal 3:10 also. When we subscribe to instruction of the scriptures we are following divine direction that will lead us out of every frustration. Deut 16:17.
  7. Be committed to speaking right: Ecc 5:6. Don’t be careless of the use of your tongue. Don’t register to failure. Prov 18:21. James 1:7-8, if anyone asks how are things going? say great. Many are victims of their tongues. Your account in heaven is under suspense because your mouth will not allow it to be released. Numbers 14:28. Psalm 91:7. Psalm 33:18-19. Psalm 37:18-19. You shall be satisfied. Isaiah 58:11-12. Take position and becareful with the use of your tongue. Prov 12:14. It is the word you speak that creates the future for you. Nobody talks poor and mistakenly becomes rich. Your words are creative, they are seeds, and what you sow is what you reap. John 6:10. I declare nothing good will finish in your life again. Joshua 1:8. It is only word speaking people that flourish. I DECLARE, I CAN NEVER BE POOR
  8.  Rejoice always Joel 1:12, Phil 4:4, Deut 28:47-48

Gen 47:15-19, 27 when money failed but Gods people were exempted. God is taking you out of the valley to the mountain top. Psalm 119:105. Financial fortune simply means financial rest. Matt 16:19. It is a kingdom of keys. Rev 5:12. Psalm 112:2-3.

When you steal from church, you are a capital thief.

“Tithing is Gods portion that makes the remainder meaningful”

It offers security of your blessing. Witches will mention your name and their tongue will cease because of Gods security.

Every misfortune is over from today. I decree an end to every financial turmoil in your life

God does not depend on your giving, it is you that depends on it. Psalm 50:10-12

Your obedience is absolutely for your benefit. Dan 11:32

Your obedience is absolutely for your benefit.

Where your tithe stops is where your blessing stops. Your tithing is not blessing your church but blessing you. GOD HAS ENOUGH RESOURCES TO RUN HIS CHURCH.  I speak to you today, whatever is not in Christ gets out of your life today.