Sunday Watch May 6th, 2018

Sunday Watch May 6th, 2018

Special Anniversary service

Today, The Comfortzone celebrates with one of our mentors Bishop David Oyedepo and the commission God has given him to celebrate 37 years of consistent service. Celebrate our God of liberation. The faithful God for 37 years of His faithfulness. He has done all things well.

Prov 3:9-10. Plenty is coming your way this week as you sow to this commission. Every giver today, no more financial setbacks in Jesus name.

The Prophetic focus for the month is “I am blessed to become a blessing” As you commit yourself to remain a blessing, the blessing will keep coming. We have been looking at Working in financial dominion. Jesus worked in financial dominion. Matt 17:27. We live in the kingdom that is ruled by mysteries. Mark 4:11. Mysteries are simply divine secrets embedded in scripture. Eph 3:1-5. They reposition you for dominion. 1 Cor 2.14, mysteries are simple but in the simplicity lies the power of God. We are justified by the blood. Luke 6:38,  John 10:37-38 mysteries are authenticated by testimonies. Validated by testimonies. You shall testify.

God blesses us so that we become a blessing. Gen 12:2, God will not bless anyone beyong his or her commitment to kingdom endeavours. Haggai 1:5. Gen 22:18. Giving must be done with biblical discretion. Having a covenant insurance policy. Your tithing is number one priority. Blessing of god comes by giving and does not respect your title. Psalm 112:9. Giving must be plan, must be program. One thing that fasting and prayer will not do is to prosper you, if you are not interested in giving, you are not interested in prospering.

A grateful heart platform. Thanksgiving is a multiplier of grace John 6:6. When something is not sufficient, give thanks. Jer 30:19. Thanksgiving is the multiplier. You must be addicted to thanksgiving. Multiplies blessing, multiplies grace. Only a joyful heart guarantees harvest from seeds sown. Psalm 67:3-6, fearful blessing requires thanksgiving. A thankless giver will never receive anything. Prov 13:2, Prov 12;13. thanksgiving is a covenant guarantee of your seed sown. Joel 1:12, Mal 3:14. Giving as a burden is a spiritual risk Jer 23:36-40. Don’t do anything for God as a burden. Don’t be pressure to give offering, give willingly and be blessed.

Stop building public image to your personal damage. God told Abraham to start where he was. Gen 13:14. From this month you will never know financial stress anymore.Acts 20:31-33,

By this service, God is changing your statures. No door of favour, no door of lifting shall be shut against you anymore. Acts 19:11-12. God works miracles through the hands of men. Evil spirit tormenting anyone here today will go out from you today.

When you come in contact with prophetic virtues it will show. Only fools doubt proofs. As you celebrate Jesus today, you will be the next to be celebrated. We are giving thanks to preserve, to perfect, and to multiply his blessings upon us. Psalm 97:7-8